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7 Year Old Texas Girl Invents I-Phone App for Grandmother in Nursing Home

Chloe of Rockwall, Texas, (Age 7) invents “Grandma’s Game” an iPhone application to help her 86-year-old grandmother in the nursing home sponsored by 1-800-MEDIGAP.

Rockwall, Texas (PRWEB) August 16, 2015

Chloe of Rockwall, Texas, (Age 7) invents iPhone application to help her 86-year-old grandmother in the nursing home: “Grandma’s Game” as Chloe calls it. Grandama’s Game (a.k.a. MATCH GOLD) is a digital version of her favorite matching card game she used to play with grandma at home. Grandma and Chloe would play card games for hours keeping grandma’s mind sharp and Chloe right at her side.

The application started off as a treat for her grandmother while spending a day at the office with her dad. The goal was to create a matching game, similar to a card game she played for many years, with her grandmother. In fact, card games kept both grandma’s mind sharp, while at the same time keeping her engaged with her grandchildren. Chloe’s idea—to make the cards with her face as well as the other family members faces so grandma would remember them—was quite a challenge but ended up paying off big.

Once grandma started playing the game she could not put it down. Grandma bragged about this new app telling the nurses, caregivers and other residents of the nursing home all about it. Once the word got out, we realized we had something special. It was not long before we were making custom apps for other families, and now fast forward to what is known as MATCH GOLD, a brain training memory game for seniors and adults that can be customized with family photos and special images (Grandma’s Game).

The game has now been sponsored by 1-800-MEDIGAP and can be found in 2 versions on their app store. One version is Free, and includes ads. The other is .99 cents with no ads. Sometimes the ads confuse grandma, so pick the one best suited for your family.

Proceeds of Grandma’s Game and Match Gold will go toward Chloe’s college fund and future application development career.

“We are very excited about our first app Memory Gold which is the brain child of a 7 year old (Chloe Cline), and her 86-year-old grandmother. This application will provide hours of entertainment for both young and old, while increasing cognitive abilities for all ages. You customize this application by taking pictures of loved ones and images that you enjoy, those images quickly become part of the game experience shared by all users. This customization has increased the play time, which enhances the overall wellness aspects of the game,” said the President and CEO of 1-800-MEDIGAP. “We believe that this is such a under served market, that we have committed to building another 50 senior apps, Medigap Quotes, Medicare Part D Seminars, Insurance leads and ore products for the over 65 market.] for the betterment of the over 65 community.”

IN MEMORY OF GRANDMA CLINE: Grandma went to be with Grandpa in Heaven the day before the app went live in the app store so she never got to see how popular the game became. RIP Grandma, you will be missed.

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