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9 Ways a Website Video Can Benefit a Business from Virtual Media Group

1. Websites. Embedding a video giving the details and information about a business on the company website, attracts potential customers, and providing a great service to existing clients, by showcasing all the features and benefits of the company in a brief, easy to follow video. Best of all, this is a sales pitch, but not a pressured one as the customers are already on the website to begin with.

2. Email lists. The same video, or one created specifically for email lists, can be sent to anyone who’s signed up to receive information and updates on the company. This provides an interesting approach to answering questions that goes beyond putting it in text. Having the option to view a video through an email is a memorable way to make the company stand out.

3. Blogs. Many businesses have a blog with frequently updated articles on their products or their field in general. Blogs are a great way to give customers the feeling that they personally know the people behind the business. However, blog articles can be dry and uninteresting without visuals to keep the reader going. Many of them insert pictures into their articles as a way to make them more interesting – but why not go a step further and embed a video into a blog post now and then?

4. YouTube. If a company doesn't have a YouTube account, they should consider opening one. Millions of people visit this huge video networking site every day, so it’s an incredible way to put its advertising up on the internet, for free. Since so many people find visuals a much more interesting way to learn than by reading plain text, they’re likely to go onto YouTube and do a search on a product they’re interested in.

5. In-Store. A variety of shops and markets display television screens that loop an instructional video on their services. It’s easy for customers who come into a store to find out about your company simply by watching the video being displayed. This frees up sales associates’ time to help more customers, and gives the customer a chance to be more informed before making a purchase. Also, running an in-store video is especially helpful for businesses that offer a variety of services, but want to highlight one particular type of service or product.

6. Stands/Demos. Along the same lines as the in-store option above, if a company has a stand or demo table set up in the store or at an event, having a video is an immediate way to provide its company’s information. It also gives the demonstrator time to assist customers if the table gets busy, while new customers can watch the video while they wait.

7. Trade Shows. It’s likely that at a trade show, any company will be there with their competitors. They need to appear as polished and professional as they can in order to impress potential clients. Pamphlets, business cards, and even product samples are great tools to achieve this end, but they need an attractive visual element to draw the customers to your display in the first place. Providing a video is an excellent way to make a company stand out at trade shows.

8. Company Updates/Specials. If a business has updated a product or service, or wants to highlight a current promotion, having a video available on their website or through an email list is the perfect way to let its customers know all about it.

9. Employee Training/Motivation. Showing a video during the meeting snaps employees to attention and can be an effective way to train, motivate, and educate them on the company they’re working for. This is, after all, their company too, and owners want them to be excited about what they offer!

Virtual Media Group creates unique video presentations quickly and easily that clearly explain what companies offer, delivering a compelling presentation to prospects before they speak with a salesperson. VMG videos engage viewers, guiding them to pick up the phone and take the next step in the sales process. Videos are easily forwarded, allowing company messages to reach more people than ever. As a result, VMG videos increase sales and decrease advertising costs. Founded in 2009, Virtual Media Group is in St. Louis, Missouri.

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