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A 501(c)3 Solution for Security, Privacy & Socially Responsible Research, Marketing, Funding & Philanthropy,

Watsonville, CA, July 18, 2018 –(– DDD will soon launch GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-SME™ Big Data Consulting,‎ Psychometric Research & Philanthropy Services Club,™‎

– A 501(c)3 solution for security, privacy & socially responsible research, marketing, funding & philanthropy, ‎; predict behavior to stimuli, needs, motivations & values; eliminate security & privacy concerns; ‎support 501(c)3 R&D philanthropy; integrity guaranteed; no purchase required; GDPR compliant; tax deductible ‎data. ‎

Digitally Dominant Data (DDD), a 501(c)3 research division of Digitally ‎Dominant Automotive, an auto industry consulting services firm, unveiled a timely vision for security, privacy, research & ‎philanthropy: GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-SME™ Big Data Consulting, Psychometric Research & Philanthropy Services Club, ‎™ (anonymous psychometric research data for sale that benefits each data donor’s philanthropy), as (1) A ‎Socially Progressive, Effective 501(c)3 Response for the GDPR, (2) 501(c) Funding for a client’s R&D and (3) Psychometric Consulting for their marketing, web design, SEO/SEM & advertising, all performed as a 501(c)3 ‎‎(charitable) tax deductible. ‎

‎- We address security & privacy by making market research data anonymous but invaluable with psychometrics: multiple traits, ‎patterns/archetypes and multi-dimensional analysis of needs, motivations, value systems & experiences; albeit anonymous ‎‎(protecting privacy), this data adds depth, pattern analysis & behavior prediction to all remarketing data. ‎All data sales & services ‎are 501(c)3 tax deductibles, in addition to the philanthropic goodwill value & anonymous psychometric data insight.‎‎

(I) The Framework: Each supported 501(c)3’s performance is monitored by our Social Impact Rating Reports. All anonymous ‎psychometric data sold is monitored for socially responsible sponsor usage. DDD is based on 10+ years of R&D dedicated ‎to addressing security & privacy by making market research data anonymous but invaluable: using psychometric tags (10+ ‎traits each/average) + anonymous social media & geo-demographic tags. The results: 80%+ average accuracy; actionable; ‎for remarketing & mining patterns. This reveals highly predictable individual traits & behavior patterns by personality ‎tag & 2nd patterns, albeit 100% anonymous (e.g. Identity/name removed; +group/psychometric tags). Medical uses also ‎apply.‎

– DDD provides (1) GDPR-SAFE™ consulting solutions (mitigate data privacy liability) and supports, as (2) 501c3- SME™, ‎the socially responsible R&D of our clients, secure needed funds by becoming a 501(c)3, billing for either work as a ‎charitable deductible versus a business expense & showing your R&D how to do the same thing, and/or (an option for ‎both), as (3) an AnonymityInc Host (sourcing anonymous data donors from host subscribers), and/or as (4) an ‎AnonymityInc Sponsor (buying anonymous psychometric data), from (5) DDD’s Psychometric Research & Philanthropy ‎Services Club,™. Compared with similar research that supports philanthropy, DDD’s approach starts ‎by first visiting Sponsors vs. Hosts (e.g. Asking what data they want to buy, before what data they have to sell from ‎our tax deductible, philanthropic offer of anonymous psychometric data; always maintaining this strategic focus).‎

– DDD’s Use Case (Socially Responsible Research Usage of Anonymous Data) is based on the insurance industry’s usage ‎of OBD-II data (risk analysis), and use of people’s GPS phone data (traffic) on popular map apps, ‎whereby they don’t track start/end points, but only movement in between, as the invaluable anonymous data.‎

(II) 50% of anonymous data profits go to the favorite (vetted) 501(c)3 of each data donor. All data ‎‎(identity extracted) is graded as public interest (archetype) or scientific (research) data (Article 89 of the GDPR). We give ‎members total control on which sponsors can acquire their anonymous data. In addition to being “the socially responsible ‎thing to do,” the service provides helpful anonymous comparison, from members with similar personality tags, on almost ‎any topic. It will also serve as an invaluable distribution channel for medical & industry surveys, rewarding the member’s ‎‎501(c)3, for more honest survey results, since the survey rewards are for each person’s favorite 501(c)3 vs. direct comp.‎

– All participation is by-invitation-only. Not invited? – Contact us now to get invited. Data Donors (licensors) are invited ‎by Hosts on behalf of™ (licensee). Want to join?: Have your Host contact us today. ‎

(III) Big Plans: “We’ll be offering GDPR-SAFE™, 501c3-SME™ &™ to both large Big Data sellers (Hosts), ‎as well to small-medium 501(c)3 Host candidates, both having been qualified as targets from previous discussions with ‎our Big Data buyers (Sponsors),” stated Phillip Nakata, DDA’s Director of Strategy, BI & Enterprise Architecture, before ‎adding, “We’re currently accepting (A) anonymous data sale deposits & LOIs (for donor’s philanthropy) from Big Data ‎buyers and (B) equity partner bids from 501(c)3 & GDPR-related, management consulting partner(s), for (C) a ‎philanthropic road show, & (D) Facebook alignment to follow, supported by (E) our new consulting, research, club & ‎franchise partner(s).”

– The Partner Opportunity: As a services business that turns anonymous psychometric data into social data credit, ‎DDD’s partnership is a “sweet” deal for a big management consulting partner, as: (1) being a 501(c)3, for their partner ‎& their clients, DDD services are a deductible vs. a business expense, (2) for DDD’s 10+ years research & best practices, ‎‎(3) the services business+ that partners will get (at good rates; nobody on the bench), (4) all the psychographic research ‎data partners can use & sell, (5) the positive branding of philanthropy for DDD partners, hosts & sponsors and (6) all of ‎the funds that this will generate for 501(c)3 philanthropy (from saving dogs to medical research). ‎

– The New Research & Philanthropic Landscape: Harnessing anonymous psychometric research data for socially ‎responsible use, will transform ‎the extraordinary value of anonymous market research into a ‎extraordinary amount of ‎social ‎impact & business intelligence. Here, anonymous social interaction data becomes a social ‎currency for people ‎& ‎their causes, along with a foundation for actionable business insight. Our business & future are about: really Big Data, ‎a philanthropic economy, trust, openness & sterling service(s) integrity. It is also about helping our best competitors establish this industry, as ‎one of the knowledgeable consultancies of consumer licensed, anonymous psychometric data. ‎

(IV) On the Horizon: “If this model seems intriguing, you have just got to imagine what the DDD has in store, regarding ‎future member functionality,” Aaron Nakata stated, further adding, “It includes an array of non-invasive, biometric ‎interfaces (ending fraud), supporting the completion of the (India/China) world-wide registry of biometric signatures, ‎developing digital personas mapped to the exact personality of each member, the definition of each member’s conscience, ‎developing on-line education akin to how BP employees are trained by video game simulation, and much more. If you ‎want to know where all these crazy ideas come from? – See the array of TED (ideas worth spreading) videos showcased ‎on our website. And when you do, be sure not to miss Jonathan Harris, Jesse Schell & Clay Skirkey’s priceless presentations.” ‎

– Socially Responsible Research: Supported & aligned with the insurance practice of our management consulting partner(s), ‎DDD will be approaching the major medical & auto insurance companies and suggest they recommend ‎membership, as the “socially responsible thing to do,” that also protects their privacy & data control, and would also save the ‎insurance companies a big bunch of money. The anonymous psychometric data & behavior is invaluable to these industries, ‎whose research is often based on finding statistically significant correlations between psychometrics, behavior, geography, race, ‎environment, food, etc. & early disease detection, which significantly increases the chances of recovery. ‎

‎- Two studies that clearly show progressive, related evidence to this are heart attacks & cancer research. On such large studies, ‎this is the exactly the type of research we do that can often show why something is working with some people but not with ‎others. Medical & Auto Insurance are two industries where participation is legally sanctioned, often mandatory and have ‎absolute vested interests in™ or similar data. We would all benefit from these relationships.‎
‎ ‎
– Let’s Collaborate: DDD is offering to openly share & spread this model/concept & technologies with reporters, futurists, ‎business/social celebrities & social technology polymaths like themselves who can see the convergence of philanthropy, ‎technology, psychometrics, history, culture, religion, politics, music celebrities & Big Data marketing, that will harness the ‎potential of mankind’s cognitive surplus for social good. Inquiries to: [email protected]

(V) Links:‎

– GDPR-SAFE(TM) on YouTube:

For more information on DDD’s GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-SME™ Big Data Consulting, Psychometric Research & Philanthropy Services ‎Club,™, see: The founders’ BIOs, & DDA’s other ‎apps & services (plus their entire R&D) can be seen at the company’s main site.‎

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Digitally Dominant Data, Division of Digitally Dominant Automotive
Phillip R. Nakata
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