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A Quick Guide to Popular RDBMS Software

Database is ruling the current IT marketplace. It is certainly the backbone of a business. In fact, the very infrastructure of a business is the database, especially when it comes to the IT industry. Therefore, if you are working in the IT industry, a little know-how of database will always come handy. The information stated below shares a quick guide on the popular Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) software used in all kinds of businesses around the world.

What is an RDBMS Software?

RDBMS is the acronym for Relational Data Base Management System. It is a database management system (DBMS) which holds all the features of DBMS, in addition to establishing connections between the tables. In a clear and concise context, RDBMS is a system of storing data that can be operated efficiently to generate meaningful outcomes. All the popular data base management systems are relational in nature i.e., an RDBMS. Enlisted below are the most common and widely used RDBMS software today:

1. Oracle Database

Oracle database, commonly known as Oracle RDBMS is the most widely used RDBMS software and has the unbeatable market share in the field of database in large organisations. It runs on multiple platforms and has a secure framework. Correspondingly, it supports cursors which make the programming part easier. There are many similar advantages but people also find it complex. A proper training can solve this part. Moreover, if you are interested in becoming a oracle database administrator, oracle RDBMS should be your first choice.

2. Microsoft SQL Server

Equipped with a robust security framework, Microsoft SQL server is one of the best RDBMS software, especially in the field of education as it offers great rebates to the educational enterprises. High scalability, quick results and breakthrough performances are the benefits of using Microsoft SQL Server. For aspiring database administrators and database developers, Microsoft SQL Server is a popular choice. Many individuals take training to write basic Transact-SQL queries for querying Microsoft SQL server 2012 to prepare for 70-461 exam as Microsoft SQL Server 2012 remains the widespread choice.

3. IBM DB2

Giving cut throat competition to Oracle, IBM DB2 is as preferable as Microsoft SQL server. It is quite flexible and automated, which in turn increases the efficiency of the software. Performance optimisation, storage optimisation and cost-effectiveness are its other strengths.

4. SAP Sybase ASE

It is a mission-critical database management system that offers cost effective solutions to its users at low risks. It is widely used in the banking field. It is an affordable option in the lot.

There are other relational data base management systems who give good competition to the ones listed above in different zones. Among these are MySQL, ADABAS, Teradata Database, Microsoft Access and FileMaker. All of them are great in distinct segments. For instance, FileMaker is advertised as an easy-to-use database application and MySQL is the most prevalent and widely used database software for web-based business applications. Therefore, above-mentioned applications are among the most popular choices in current lot of the relational database management software.

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