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Add a Profitable Revenue Stream to your IT Business

Learn why Remote Data Backups is the most essential partnership for IT consultants, computer repair techs, MSPs, VARs, networking, security and business consultants, and more. We make it easy to earn lucrative recurring income and protect your business clients from costly data loss and downtime.

Ever wonder: "Whatis the bestIT service tosuccessfully resell and profit from,besides web hosting?"

WithRemote Data Backups turnkey Reseller Program — which you signed up for *thedays* days ago –you already have the answer.Check it out at and sign up free at over 6,000 informed IT pros are already thriving with RDB.

Consider this comparisonfrom 7 critical angles:

  1. Exponential Profit Potential Hosting: Most web hosting services range from $5 to $30 a month… per company
    Backups: Most online backups accounts cost $10-100 a month (or more, depending on capacity)… per computer! We pay 20-50% recurring, so you can earn far more than most hosting reseller plans!
  2. In-Demand Technology Hosting: Most established small businesses already have a website Backups: Less than 25% of small businesses back up their data regularly, and are in need of an automatic, reliable and secure offsite backup solution
  3. No Barrier to Entry Hosting:For abusiness to switch hosting,they have to jump through countless hoops: setup,nameservers, email, etc. Backups: All your clients can take a free 30-day trial, no credit card required, no setup fees, takes under 5 minutes!
  4. Seeking A Better Solution Hosting: Most clients rarely see a need to change their hosting services Backups: Most clients still use tedius, time-consuming & unreliable onsite backup methods
  5. A Unique Service Offering Hosting: Every business has heard of web hosting Backups: Few clients know about the benefits of online backups
  6. LimitedBusiness-Class Competition Hosting: The web is cluttered with litearally millions of hosting services
    Backups: There are only a few affordable, reliable and secure business-level backup services, and recommending a cheap backup is likeoffering a paper parachute
  7. Billable Hour Opportunities
    Hosting: Most businesses don't even know who their web host is Backups: Clients will see your backup software daily, where your contact info is a click away
    – If they have a computer problem, you'll be the first to know – You can also charge for setup, file selection, batch files, troubleshooting, upgrades, etc
  8. A Hero's Payoff Hosting: You'll hear about your hosting service only when serious problems occur Backups: You'll be your clients' hero the first time they use our service to recover lost data

Bottom line: Our online backup service also offers much better opportunities than common IT reseller products like antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, adware, spyware, etc.

Questions or requests? Don't hesitate to email or call ustoll-free, 24/7 at 866.722.2587 – we're always here to help!

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