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Addicting Tower Defense-style iPhone Game Warp Defense, Coming Soon

Warp Defense, a brand new, addictive iPod Touch and iPhone game [1] in the tower defense [2] tradition, is set to be released soon by Warped Productions. Eager gamers anxiously await this new diversion, but may not be prepared for exactly how addictive it has proven to be. “We’re early in the process of submitting the game to the iPhone Apps store,” said Keith Wellman of Warped Productions, creators of Warp Defense. “So far no more than 30 people have played the game. However, we have unconfirmed reports that each has lost their job, grew out their hair and gained substantial weight, all because they could not tear themselves away from our novel take on the tower defense genre.” Tower defense [3] games are simple yet are among the most popular iPhone games [4]. The premise is, as you might expect, to protect a central location from marauding knights, invading aliens, hostile armies, etc. Players use any combination of sticks, guns, arrows, along with their wits, to keep the tower safe. Sure, it sounds simple, but these iPhone games are among the most quickly growing mobile game segment on the market. That is, until Warp Defense hits the iPhone Apps store. Then the game’s creators fully expect to corner the market among gamers looking for captivating, relaxing diversions they can play anywhere. That will, according to Wellman, bring a new set of problems for iPhone game players. “It’s very simple. A little known wrinkle in the space-time continuum makes time speed up when people play iPhone games. This strange phenomenon causes all sorts of problems,” Wellman said. “You begin by picking up our game to play during a short break at work. But what you thought was 10 minutes, was actually 2 hours. First you are late coming back from break. Then you are late for work once too often and you lose your job. Instead of looking for a new job, time speeds by while you are playing our new game. “It’s almost enough to makes us feel guilty for developing the most fun, most impulsively playable tower defense type iPhone game ever.” About Warp DefenseWarp Defense is a new iPhone game set to release in early August 09. Created by Keith Wellman & Jordan Hall of Warped Productions LLC, the game is set to take its place as one of the iPhone’s great tower defense games. Learn more, get on the early notification list, and get free unlock codes for hidden levels at [5]. CONTACT: Keith Wellman 770-898-1800 WEBSITE URL: [5] Press Release Distribution [7] – IBWIRE Inc [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

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