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Local company specializes in disposal.

Bill Gates’ dream, of “a PC in every home,” is becoming more real all the time. But what happens to PCs when they’re obsolete? Montclair-based Advanced Recovery Solutions has been ahead of the curve on the issue of disposal and recycling of old PCs. Vice President Nick Albano told us how Advanced Recovery does it.

Tell us a little about Advanced Recovery.

Advanced recovery is a full scale recycling corporation, specializing in electronic obsolescence, with facilities for a ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling business as well. This “full service” potential is very important to our many customers who often have a mix of electronic and metals to be recycled. This allows “one stop shopping” which eases the burden of proper disposal. In addition, this approach keeps us ahead of those recyclers who cannot handle all their customers needs at once.

Eric Buechel, the founder and CEO of Advanced Recovery, started this corporation in 1986. He projected the need for environmentally sound disposal of the toxic material found in cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and other electronic components. His original endeavors were in a one-car garage, with hand tools and a vision as his chief assets. That vision has grown manifold ways in the intervening 16 years. There are currently 21 people working at Advanced Recovery and Geo-Tech, and we occupy a 10,000-square-foot recycling facility in Belleville with corporate headquarters in Montclair.

How did Advanced Recovery get into the training business?

We found, by listening to our many corporate customers, that there was a never-ending need for well-trained technicians and programmers in the business world. They asked us to train their personnel. It was easy to then see an important business need and take the steps to fill it. Thus, another profitable subsidiary, Geo-Tech, was formed.

Training of all types is available at Geo-Tech. We are state certified, and offer all the technical education asked of us by the business world and our students. Our curriculum is constantly growing and being revised to stay current. For example, we offer A+, Java, Web design, MSCE, Windows, Cisco, etc.

How does your “self-paced learning environment” work?

Self paced learning allows each student to be comfortable with their own learning ability and rapidity of comprehension. The “in a hurry student” may proceed at a blistering pace, while the slower, more contemplative student may take his time. It makes for satisfied, non-anxious students.

How has the economic slowdown affected the recycling and training businesses?

Major customers certainly feel the economic pinch and cut back on new hardware acquisitions. When they make do with the old our business slows. The same is true for our training business.

However, business slowdowns often provide opportunity for those who are prepared. In our case, the upsurge of activity in renting warehouse space has more than filled the void created by the lessening of demand for our other services.

What plans do you have for the future?

Our plans for the future are essentially more of the same. Our formula of hard work and total commitment to customer satisfaction has worked extremely well until now. We intend to keep that work ethic alive and well. Of course, as new products and needs enter the market place we will make the necessary adjustments to stay in the leadership role we are currently enjoying.

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