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Ahsan Technologies : ONline Discussion Forum

Chennai, India, November 26, 2009 –(– Ahsan Technologies, known around the world by its inceptive name Agriya Infoway until recently, is one of India’s most well-known software creators. It is a Chennai institution today, and an important part of the southern Indian technology scene, not least for its proven abilies in powering the developments that have most captured the world’s interest on the Internet in recent times – social networking. Ahsan’s professional-level… scripts and software are a powerful force in democratizing Web 2.0. With Ahsan’s Rayzz powering a large number of video sharing sites the world over, and the Volume script carrying the MP3 sharing concept, the company’s newest Internet-enabling script, Discussion Forum Software ironically, goes back to the basics, aiming at one of the most fundamental facilities that Web 2.0 Internet started out with – the Internet forum. The concept that carries the Internet forum forward is simple, and is the same as the one behind all printed media. A topic or thread launched on a forum lives beyond the moment; anyone googling for an answer to a question often finds replies in forums that came five years earlier; and relevant ones too. As many websites as there are that provide real appeal to visitors, there are forums on the side where those visitors can vent. Discuzz rounds out Ahsan’s range for the web entrepreneur by enabling a crucial element to any website’s success. Ahsan’s descriptively named Discuzz uses the powerful PHP and MySQL platform used in other major forum products around the world, for a compatible and proven solution. Visitors to a forum designed on Discuzz will find navigation easier with an effective post database managing system that files everything by category, title, board and solution. Administrators can post threads, rate them and get solutions from forum members. The rating system is one of the most thoughtful features designed into Discuzz; it carries rating options as well as unrating options. Discuzz offers many cutting-edge features to forum administrators, unlike any other forum script before. The Visibility Control feature allows visitors to choose who gets to see their posts. For visitors who are particularly constructive in their posts and replies, administrators can show their appreciation by granting rewards and awarding featured status. When a verbal reply won’t do sometimes, members who post replies can use pictures. For particularly hot topics, administrators can pick discussions and place them front and center. Perhaps most importantly, members can use the forum to message amongst themselves. And the RSS option keeps everyone up to date. The powerful features of Discuzz get great lifelong deployment support from Ahsan’s industry-recognized support. At the launch of Ahsan’s new product, the vice president of marketing, Sheerin Banu felt that the new Discuzz, was a product of its times. “Although in the past we have concentrated on fully blown social network community sites, we realized that there was a whole market that required a scaled-down version, a way for members to interact and discuss but without all the additional social elements. To that end, we listened to our clients and came up with Discuzz, a forum-driven software that lets members talk, ask questions and share ideas with one another. Discuzz is perfect for anyone who wants to add a community aspect to their website but doesn’t want to go fully social with social networking.” ### Contact Information: Ahsan Technologies Peter Jack +91 44 2820 7100 [email protected] Click here to read the full story: Ahsan Technologies : ONline Discussion Forum Press Release Distributed by

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