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AIMS 360 Apparel ERP Software – eCommerce: The Time is Now

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

AIMS 360 EasyShop apparel ecommerce solution is a hit with fashion manufacturers. Since the ecommerce solution was introduced it has generated product sales of over 50 million dollars for several manufacturers. “AIMS 360 has increased sales for the apparel manufacturers using its EasyShop software year over year. We have noticed that manufacturers have caught on to the new e-commerce concept. The direct to consumer concept has become a major source of revenue for many of them,” says Shahrooz Kohan, COO of AIMS 360.

The age-old saying of “getting rid of the middleman” has never been more applicable than right now, in the apparel industry. The huge shift to manufacturer-direct online selling is underway, and fashion manufacturers must be a part of it.

While stepping out from the shadows of the wholesaler is a fundamental change from how one has been doing business for years, in 2012, it is becoming a business must-do. Competitors have begun the transition, and companies need to start considering it or they risk letting countless sales opportunities pass by.

Selling wares directly to consumers provides an attractive value proposition. Not only can apparel business keep more of the profits, but they also establish a one-to-one relationship with their target buyer. This is becoming critical in a world filled with so many consumer choices. What a business needs is full-functioning and all-encompassing ecommerce software that will open their doors up to a global audience.

For an apparel business to compete today with the thousands of other fashion manufacturers worldwide, it must be on global terms, and must find ways to attract the international buyer and the domestic one. The only viable way to do this efficiently and cost-effectively (without the extremely high costs associated with physical global business expansion) is with ecommerce.

An apparel website complete with an all-in-one ecommerce system offers the functionality needed to attract and communicate with customers, establish a brand identity, showcase products and drive high margin revenue.

The right ecommerce apparel software is easy to manage. The entire management and administration of an online apparel store is literally right at a company’s fingertips. They can log into the online system and add, change and delete product descriptions, photos and videos all by themself.

Branding with eCommerce

With the right ecommerce software powering an apparel business clothing website, they can create a direct dialog with their customers. They have a clear line of site to their target buyer. This is a very significant and exciting change in how they will do business moving forward. By going direct, a company establishes a more recognizable brand, which goes a long way toward driving new sales, repeat sales and referral sales.

Fully integrated and full-featured ecommerce apparel software allows fashion manufacturers to send out marketing emails, create social media accounts, leverage affiliate marketing support and search engine optimization (SEO) tools (to drive a site to the top of search engine rankings). One can even brand their order confirmations and invoices with their company logo.    

Driving Revenue with AIMS 360 eCommerce

AIMS 360 offers a comprehensive, all-in-one ecommerce apparel software product that provides all of this branding/marketing functionally, and it is simple to learn and use. AIMS 360 EasyShop software can also power a business’s sales activity – even billing and purchasing – right through their website, and it’s all automated. Imagine sleeping comfortably in a bed at night while at home and at 3:42 a.m. an order is taken and an electronic payment is received from someone in Australia. With AIMS 360 EasyShop behind a company’s site, they can literally make money while sleeping.

One of the best features of the AIMS 360 ecommerce software is its ability to integrate a business site with leading online shopping sites such as Google Products, Yahoo! Shopping, and even Facebook. Products will be embedded into these shopping networks, and this will exponentially increase brand awareness and sales potential.

AIMS 360 apparel shopping cart also handle all order processing needs. The system will take the orders, process credit cards, send confirmations and so on. These are just some of the many capabilities the AIMS 360 software can provide.

AIMS 360 eCommerce Efficiency: Integrated and Easy to Maintain

AIMS 360 apparel ERP software fully integrates with the AIMS EasyShop e-commerce platform, thereby eliminating the need for double data entry for styles, inventory, customers, orders, and tracking confirmations. It also enables you to manage and ship from a single integrated system instead of having to deal with multiple systems simultaneously.

AIMS EasyShop is simple to maintain. The AIMS 360 system manages the full technical cycle itself – from site design, training and hosting to security and upgrades. What’s more, sites are delivered to your customers in a format compatible with popular multiple mobile platforms, including Android and iPad.

It is now easy to see just how much the apparel industry has evolved and where we are headed. It’s an online world now, and we must jump aboard the train or risk being left behind. With proven ecommerce platforms on the market such as AIMS 360 EasyShop, the online transition is no longer a leap of faith. It is now a careful, responsible and safe move one simply must make.

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