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Alexander Kheylik and Oleg Kheilik has Started the Final Phase of Testing of the New Computers Rebirth Technology in Ticino (Switzerland)

Computers Rebirth Technology

LUGANO, SWITZERLAND, February 04, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — In their normal usage PC often encounter two kind of problems:
– They become infected (and blocked) by viruses or similar malware
– Their performance decreases with time due to all kinds of software consciously or unconsciously installed on a PC.

Complete reinstallation is often the only solution
– It is a very expensive procedure (but the only way to guarantee 100% virus removal), especially when one wants a backup and recovery of all the data and previous settings (emails, chats, browsers, etc.)
– Most people also do not know where all these data are stored
– Full reinstallation can take from 2 to 20 hours or even longer, which is a real stress and time loss for technicians
– Highly qualified technicians are required for this task in computer repair and computer services industry, which costs a lot of money

To solve this problem, the Swiss company AP Swiss SA (CEO Alexander Kheylik) uses Computer Rebirth Technology (brand name is Antiproblems), which enables to reformat a PC, reinstall an operating system, install dozens of applications and completely restore all the data and previous settings.

Lastly, it does not only restore the initial performance but in most cases even improves the initial performance of a PC significantly.

The key innovation is the almost complete (ca. 95%) automation of this process. This also allows non-technical people to carry out and manage the renovation process.

AP Swiss SA company is creating the network of dozens Service Centers and a mass (hundreds) of AP Angels (freelancers who provide home services) in Switzerland now. There are about 20-30 AP Angels working for a single Service Center.

The first Service Center was created in Lugano (Italian Switzerland, Sottoceneri) in November, 2014. In January, 2016, the second Service Center was created in Giubiasco (Italian Switzerland, Sopraceneri). The third Service Center is supposed to be created in the first half of 2016. This time it will be located in German Switzerland. It is planned to open the fourth Service Center in French Switzerland in the second half of 2016.

For more information on Antiproblems Project, click the following link:

Alexander Kheylik (Lugano, Switzerland) is responsible for Business Development of this project.

The brief info about Alexander Kheylik

Alexander Kheylik / Kheilik is an entrepreneur with a rich experience in creating and developing successful Startups.
During the last fifteen years he has been working in the informatics branch for Web Development, SaaS (Software as a Service).
His colleagues say and external auditors confirm that Alexander is a Team Leader who is used to building creative professional teams with a real motivation for realizing innovative projects and reaching established goals.
Alexander has a fertile inventiveness, and what is still more important, he is able to transfer his ideas onto a concrete level. Here are some examples of his creativity:
Management of web pages (including video streaming) by means of telephonic DTMF impulses (joint development with Alexander Stefanovich);
Web transaction system with automated telephonic or SMS control (joint development with Alexander Stefanovich);
An original Wi-Fi time limited access system in public places (joint development with Alexander Stefanovich);
and many others.

Weak point is hyper optimistic nature with a tendency to give poor consideration to risks connected with operations.

One of the first firms created by Alexander (together with three more people he hired: Grigory Khavboshin, Grigor Khachaturov and Vadim Yakunin) CV Protek (Moscow, RU) is now worth more than $2 billions.

Other firms of his (created together with Oleg Kheilik and Federico Cesconi) – CustVox AG & ProVox Group AG (new brand name: SandSIV, Zurich, CH) – offer CEM/CXM services (Customer Experience Management) for upc-cablecom, Sky TV, Emirates, CSS, Unitymedia, Medgate and many others.

During the Nineties Alexander was the main supplier of small religious silver and gold crosses for the Orthodox Church (Moscow).

At the beginning of 2000 Alexander was one of the chief creators of a web hosting system ranking among the 25 absolute TOP of the entire world traffic (the author of the idea, project and technology was Oleg Kheilik; Alexander Stefanovich joined the project a little bit later).

Antiproblems is the new challenge of Alexander Kheylik. This project is much more important (for the market) and interesting (for himself) than all the previous projects he has realized.

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