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AMETEK Programmable Power Helps Invertor Manufacturers Meet Rapid Growth In Demand

SAN DIEGO July 6, 2011

solar power

PV inverters

  • Changing PV panel electrical parameters and technologies (monocrystalline, polysilicon, CdTe thin film, CIGS thin film, concentrated PV)
  • Evolving regulatory environments (e.g., IEC 61000-3-15)
  • Changing utility requirements and pricing, and government tariffs and incentives.

Test systems from AMETEK Programmable Power, such as its Elgar brand TerraSAS Solar Array Simulator, allow manufacturers to simulate solar arrays, house loads and utility connections as well as comply with regulatory standards.

solar cell

The TerraSAS simulates dynamic solar irradiance and temperature characteristics over a range of weather conditions from clear to cloudy and over a specified time interval to produce the current / voltage (IV) characteristics, allowing manufacturers to more easily evaluate and optimize their PV array designs.

The system’s simulation engine downloads data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Solar Advisor Model database defining key parameters – open circuit voltage (Voc), short circuit current (Isc) and maximum power point voltage (Vmpp) at 25o C and 1000 W/m2 irradiance – so that the I-V curve can be calculated according to a standard solar cell model for virtually any fill factor or solar material.

Among the newest test requirements is utility simulation, which addresses such concerns as making certain the inverter disconnects from the grid when grid power is lost (anti-islanding) and determining how an inverter reacts to power-line disturbances and power-line harmonics.

programmable power supplies

$2.9 billion

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