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An Effective Way of JPG to Word Conversion

Gone are the days when if you wanted to edit any information from an image, you had to type the entire text manually. With the new and exciting Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can now effortlessly convert any image into editable form within a few seconds. Isn’t this just amazing? With this software, there is absolutely no need to retype scanned documents. The software simply converts your scanned PDF and image files back to easily editable formats. This article will give you every piece of information about the JPG to Word Converter; also known as “JPG to Word Converter”.

The Working of the JPG to Word Converter
Converting an image file into editable format is not an easy task. To accomplish this, some latest form of technology is needed. To put the OCR technology at work for you, you will have to first insert your specific image file into the computer using devices like scanner and digital camera. Images taken using the two devices are in graphic form hence difficult to edit any text on them. What OCR does is to transform this graphic image into editable format. It is only when the conversion is complete that it becomes possible to edit any text on the transformed files.

Choosing the Right OCR Converter
There are many OCR software available online. It is your role to pick the one that does conversion accurately because it is very easy to get confused and download a fake software. No need to fret though because this article will help you to pick just the appropriate JPG to Word Converter

Even though all OCR converters work in an almost similar manner, the difference exists in the quality of the conversion done. It is therefore wise to be a little bit picky before downloading any JPG to Word software. Low quality OCR converters are less accurate and will occasionally give conversions with funny characters which you might have never come across before. Others will convert your files partially.

Based on wide comparisons between different OCR software, you can try out the JPG to Word Converter developed by Soft Solutions. This software has the highest accuracy rate in doing JPG to Word conversion. In addition, the software supports almost all image formats. This simplifies your work in converting any image from any format into editable form. Furthermore, the software supports more than 40 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, UK English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Basque, Portuguese, Brazilian, Slovak, Galician, Icelandic, Greek, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Irish Gaelic, Luxembourg, Finnish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Estonian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Danish, Catalan, Scottish Gaelic, Byelorussian and Bulgarian. Scanned documents, PDF and images in any supported language can be easily converted directly to their original language with all language styles and fonts kept intact.

The JPG to Word Converter also comes with an array of security features for instance watermark and password protection. With the watermark protection, you will be able to effectively arrest illegal distribution of your content. On the other hand, the password protection prevents unauthorized people from copying and viewing your converted documents. Also, you can scan your files directly using this software. Again, the OCR software from Soft Solutions accurately preserves your tables, texts, layout and graphics in multi and single-page documents. Complicated layout of faxes, legal documents, documents with multiple tables and photos captured with phone/digital cameras are appropriately recognized and transformed into various editable formats. What’s more? Conversions from multi-page files for instance TIF, PDF, ICO and GIF are also effectively supported.

Last but not least, the JPG to Word Converter is capable of automatically detecting and correcting skewed, rotated and tilted documents. The software is also able to reconstruct broken characters and text to provide excellent recognition and accuracy. With this software, you can be sure than no harm is likely to be done to your images during conversion. You can now test this software for a trial period for free after which you will have to purchase it at an unbelievably low cost of only $39.95. This cost is absolutely pocket-friendly compared to the cost of other OCR software.

How to Use the JPG to Word Converter
That said and done, it is now time to learn how to use this unique software. As stated earlier, this is the easiest software to use. To start off this process, you will have to download the JPG to Word Converter software from Softonic website at or from company website at

GUI of the Software1. To use the software, open it and select the file that you want to convert by clicking on the “Open file” button directly below the “Open Image or PDF” section.

Input Image Preview2. Select your desired text format in which you would like your file to be converted to. It is vital to note that you can choose multiple formats to convert your files to under this section. Nevertheless, it is advisable to select a single output format to increase the processing time.

Select Output Format3. Click on the “Save File” button below the section labelled “Convert File.”

4. Access and open your file from where you saved it.

That’s all. I bet you can now testify how easy and straight forward it is to transform hours of unnecessary hard work and headache into few seconds.

Advantages of the JPG to Word Converter
Immediately the JPG to Word Converter completes doing its thing, you will get your file in machine readable format. With your editable file, you can edit the text in any way appropriate for you using any word processor for example Microsoft Word. Also, you can compress the file to save on storage space; integrate the file with any webpage and email the file as well. Moreover, since the file is machine readable, you can use speech synthesizers and screen readers to decode the file and effortlessly read the text in it so that even a visually disabled person will be able to understand. A video tutorial on how to do this is also available on YouTube

It is true that OCR technology has been in existence for quite some time. Many enterprises as well as established digital businesses have been using this fine piece of technology for several years now. Apart from enabling you to easily convert JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP and all major image formats to Ms Word, this outstanding software also enables you to convert the images to other different formats for instance HTML, PDF, DOC and Text files with accurate spacing and formatting. What’s more? This software can be used by anyone. Installation is easy and straight forward. No aimless swapping around screens is required because the software consists of only one window.

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