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Announcing Update of the Remote Sound Program

FabulaTech launches Sound over RDP with the major update and a handful of enhancements for the remote sound program. London, UK – FabulaTech announced launch of Sound over RDP with tons of enhancements and new features in the release whilst not every new feature will be announced, the majour changes are: Codec was changed. Two technologies enabling product operation both on server OS and client ones combined. License policy changed: now server connections of those computers with the installed Sound over RDP client part are taken into account only. Sound quality comsiderably improved.

Sound over RDP  is a nifty sound virtualization tool which was built specifically to enable remote sound from the local machine to the remote computer. Many applications use sound for various forms of feedback such as softphones, Skype, NetMeeting, AIM, ICQ and many others. Sound over RDP extends standard RDP functionality and delivers full high-resolution low-latency remote audio playback. With the help of it, one can access data of a sound input device plugged into the local machine while working in remote Windows session.

“The program is really simple to handle”, said Alan Rourke, one of the software developers. “You just need a working sound device, install the Workstation on the computer to which the device is physically connected and the Server side on the remote server from which you need to access your device. That’s all”.

Quick program overview:

Sound Mixer.
Microphone and headset support.
Virtual Machine compatible.
Works with Windows Remote Desktop Connection client

Sound over RDP solution is ideal for people working with voice messengers in remote sessions, call centers, thin clients’ users, everyone who wants to use two-way sound over RDP protocol.

Full free 15-day trial can be downloaded here:

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