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Top Web resource sites for developers

Many people ask me where to find good Web development information on the Internet. In an effort to avoid some of those e-mails, here are some sites that feature regular, fresh developer resources.

Featuring “Stupid Web Tricks,” CNET’s covers Server Side Scripting, HTML editors, JavaScript, graphics, e-commerce, and even career resources. Stupid Web Tricks is an area I visit regularly for those little JavaScript effects that give a Web page that little som-em’ som-em’. –

It may have a similar name, but PHPBuilder falls under the umbrella. A site for everything PHP, it features excellent how-to articles for both basic and advanced users of PHP. If you want to expand your knowledge of PHP or find an answer to a niggling PHP problem, this may have your answer. –

Apache Today

Another acquisition, Apache Today is a great resource of well-written articles on all things Apache. Well-frequented discussion boards can produce answers to your questions quickly and accurately.

Apache Today – was founded as the commercial side of PHP. While a great resource for PHP code, how-tos and discussions, Zend is also developing add-on software for PHP that improves both development and performance. This past week premiered the release of Zend Cache and Zend IDE. Zend Cache is a compiler and caching engine for PHP, further increasing PHP’s performance index. The Zend IDE is a much anticipated product promising quicker, cleaner code development with breakpoints, watches and more. The ZendOptimizer is a free add-on product for users of PHP4, which also increases PHP’s performance.

Zend –

A script repository for all, features scripts for ASP, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and more. Structured similarly to Yahoo!, it is very easy to find the script you need and get out. –


United: still falling

The problems continue at the United Airlines Web site. On January 31st, for about an hour, a glitch in its system was allowing round-trip tickets to Europe for $25. After first threatening to not honor the tickets, it recently changed its position and agreed to honor the 100 or so purchased tickets. More information on this and other snafus can be found at SFGate.

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