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ArcadeWeb Survey: Who Is the Online Casual Tournament Gamer?

IRVINE, Calif. April 23, 2012 ArcadeWeb online gamer cash prizes

Adriano Parotta

Who Is the Casual Tournament Gamer?

"Mid" Age is Tournament Sweet Spot

The survey revealed that casual tournament gamers fall heavily into the middle of the age spectrum: nearly half (44%) are between ages 35-54, with the largest percentage (24%) falling in the 45-54 age group. Just 17% are over 55, and 16% are under 24. Traditional casual gamers surveyed, conversely, were more likely to occupy the upper and lower ends of the age spectrums: 30% are under 24, while 31% are over 55.

Woman-Dominated Competition

Gender Breakdown Same for Tournament and Casual Gamers

Female Gamers


Male Gamers



The survey also breaks down casual tournament gamers by region: Southeast (28%), Northeast (27%), Midwest (19%), West (15.5%) and Northwest (9.5%). When comparing those numbers to regional U.S. population figures, the Northeast (population roughly 55 million) with its denser population of tournament gamers, actually trumps the Southeast (population 78 million[3]) as the casual tournament gaming "capitol," while the western states lag behind.

"Sticky" Casual Tournament Gaming

The survey compared time-spent-gaming for traditional casual versus casual tournament gamers, and revealed how social, competing-for-cash elements lead to far greater gamer engagement and site "stickiness."

For instance, roughly 44% more tournament players than "regular" casual gamers report playing over six hours a week at And while 30% of the site’s "regular" casual gamers report playing less than an hour a week at the site, only 10% of tournament players do. More than two in three (67%) tournament players report playing 3+ hours a week at the site – and, as a point of comparison, the average Facebook user spends roughly an hour and twenty minutes at that notoriously sticky site weekly.[4]

Time-Spent-Playing: Casual Tournament vs. Traditional Casual Gamer

‹1 hour


3 hrs+

6 hrs+

10 hrs+

Casual Tournament






Traditional Casual






More than two-thirds of tournament gamers play 3 hrs+ while less than half of traditional casual gamers do.

Older tournament gamers surveyed play the most: 23% of those aged 55-64 report spending an astounding 20+ hours each week playing/competing at ArcadeWeb. And 35% of tournament gamers aged 55-64 spend 10+ hours gaming at the site, more than twice the percentage of tournament players aged 18-34 (16.5%).  

Winnings Go to Necessities

Tournament casual gamers

"There are now many alternatives to the virtual currency purchasing/rewards model in casual gaming, including sites like ArcadeWeb, Gamesville, Pogo or iWon!, which revolve around free casual tournaments and cash prizes," noted Parotta. "If the virtual currency model can become mainstream entertainment, I would bet that diverse ‘real money’ models will have an even more powerful future in the casual space. Our new findings shed some light on the fast-growing casual tournament gaming segment – and, in general, the profile, behavior and motivations of distinct, new groups of casual gamers need to be better understood."

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[1] The site has roughly 570,000 registered casual tournament-playing members, who log onto the site at the start of each game-play to compete for daily cash prizes.

March 2012

[3] U.S. Census data, 2011

March 2012

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