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Armored Cloud Announces Partnership with UnomicEdge to Provide Real-World Cybersecurity for Co-Working Campuses

Partnership Enables Co-Working Members to Confidently Share Ideas, Not Information

Reston, VA (PRWEB) December 14, 2016

Armored Cloud, a leader in enterprise managed attribution and network obfuscation, has partnered with UnomicEdge, a pioneer in providing real-world cybersecurity for co-working campuses to provide co-working operators an integrated cybersecurity solution for the rapidly growing co-working marketplace.

“Integrating the UnomicEdge solution with Armored Cloud was a natural fit,” says Michael Howland, CEO of Armored Cloud. “Armored Cloud cloaks critical systems within an organization’s network, essentially removing the attack surface, while UnomicEdge secures approved users, devices, and web apps, allowing them to communicate with the cloaked resource. If a bad actor gains access to your network, they are unable to see sensitive devices and networks even from within the castle walls. This limits the scope of an attack.”

Some estimates project that 40 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be online by 2020, with most devices lacking effective antivirus, firewall, or endpoint protection. At the same time, co-working spaces are becoming more popular, with enterprise organizations whose team members bring a variety of devices to the office. Each new device presents an attack vector for bad actors seeking to penetrate a shared co-working network. With Armored Cloud obfuscating the attack surface and UnomicEdge controlling how devices and users interact within the co-working network, members can conduct business and share sensitive business data without fear of compromise.

“Co-working spaces are attractive to enterprise members needing expansion and flexibility, but not at the expense of security. However, by their very nature co-working spaces are the Wild West of cybersecurity. New people and new devices are moving in and out of these spaces every day, bringing with them unknown risks,” states John Nelson, CEO of UnomicEdge. “Because of the sensitive nature of work conducted by many co-workers, members now view cybersecurity as something they are willing to pay extra for on a monthly basis, similar to a parking space. We’ve partnered with Armored Cloud to create a secure, scalable, and affordable product that fits this niche.”

Network perimeters are no longer only defined by a co-working space’s internal network, but have expanded over time to include all devices and vendors with access to this core network. Relying on perimeter defenses alone is inadequate to protect operational co-working networks. Cybersecurity is now a front-and-center competitive advantage, protecting everything from intellectual property, big data platforms, all the way out to edge devices located within shared workspaces.

“If you can’t prove you can protect your own information,” adds Nelson, “how can you prove you can protect the enterprise organizations and individuals using your co-working space? This partnership fixes that. Our software helps co-working operators meet the technical demands of more sophisticated enterprise class companies, especially those embracing the co-working revolution.”

Demos and trials of are available to qualified co-working operators. Additional information about the Armored Cloud and UnomicEdge solution is available on our website.

About Armored Cloud

Armored Cloud offers an enterprise suite of innovative global enterprise solutions to organizations looking for competitive leverage and anonymized online activities. Operating under the philosophy that you can’t exploit what you can’t see, Armored Cloud essentially offers a completely anonymous way for modern companies to do business, connect global resources, conduct research online, and collect threat intelligence data—all with minimal latency and zero impact to current business processes. Learn more at

About UnomicEdge

UnomicEdge reduces human error and provides assurance of using a cybersecure network while shielding the user from knowledge of intricate network addresses, vlans, network flows, script development, and performing labor-intensive configuration. UnomicEdge uses a simple point-and-click concept to provide scalable, real-world cybersecurity for devices, users, and apps. UnomicEdge offers co-working organizations a cloud-based cybersecurity microsegmentation solution including a 100% Open Source SDN Stack from hardware up through the controller, and all the way out to edge devices. Learn more at

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