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PPC Search Engine Advertising

PPC or pay per click search engine advertising in an online advertising model to drive targeted traffic to websites. Under the PPC advertising model, advertisers pay the publishers whenever an ad is clicked and brings visitor to their (advertisers) websites. To place their ads, advertisers bid on target keyword phrases relevant to their business, and those who pay the most normally get listed at prime spots.

PPC search engine advertising is the most cost effective advertising option today. In this advertising model, you decide your daily advertising budget and even fix the amount you want to spend to bring each visitor to your website. You will be billed only when a valid ad click is made and a visit to your website is completed.

PPC search engine advertising is by far the easiest and most cost effective way of advertising. Nowadays, PPC has emerged as a powerful online advertising tool for small and medium enterprises, which normally have limited advertising budgets.

Temperature logger

Temperature logger is a useful device that records and stores temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and light intensity data. It is designed to record and store thousands of temperature readings ranging from -40 °C to 140 °C or even more. The software features help in real-time recording and alarming of temperatures, creating graphs, and exporting them to Excel files for further evaluations. Its user friendly features allow you to install and setup the logging rate and start time, and then download the stored data to your PC. From there the data can easily be exported to other devices.

Temperature loggers are used for a wide range of applications from autoclave verifications to medical purposes, and from environmental studies to food preparations and processing.

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