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Assurance Announces SmartTier™ Software for Solid State Storage and PCIe NAND Flash Devices

  •     Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) increases precision and access speed
  •     Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) provides real-time data updates
  •     Database Management Systems such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL
  •     Metadata Management for large content repositories
  •     Cache Management Engine for NAS / SAN storage

With SmartTier, Assurance introduces a new, adaptive architecture that dynamically manages data stores to boost application performance and eliminate the limitations of using SSD and PCIe architectures for OLTP, database applications and storage cache management. SmartTier takes the guesswork of managing data cache and metadata through autonomic intelligence frequency based algorithms adding much needed precision to data access.

“The Assurance SmartTier software provides the ability to utilize FLASH technologies in tera-scale for, fast access of the most frequently read data,” said Steve Visconti, President and CEO at Assurance. “With a solution this precise, automated and scalable offers for the first time the ability to design flexible storage architectures better utilizing new technologies such as PCIe NAND Flash and SSD as an effective Solid State Storage tier”.
“I am delighted with Assurance SmartTier software implementation which offers breakthroughs for large scale enterprise-class performance and the ability to meet demands of fast access I/O in Cloud applications” said David Korba, CEO and Founder of CloudLogistix. “this helps us tackle the problem of lack of data freshness in OLAP and provides elasticity with traditional OLTP applications in cloud architectures. With Assurance we can now overcome performance bottlenecks with precise real-time data refresh.”

Assurance SmartTier can be used with SSD or PCIe NAND Flash devices such as Fusion-io ioDrive ® II or Virident TachIOn™. The five main features are Access Profiler for precise adaptive histograms exposing current data IO hotspots, Tiered Management Engine for either Frequency Based Replacement based on IO access pattern changes or the users own heuristics, Ingest Accelerator provides low latency log-structured write-back FIFO completions includes Set IO reforming, Egress Accelerator detects Sequential initiator streams with an 8 Gigabyte Read-Ahead Cache, Solid State LUN Manager for VLUN creation and management. In a typical scenario, the system is configured with both Intel SSD and Fusion-io PCIe cards in the servers accessing data from traditional storage pools. CloudLogistix is a leading provider of services to help customers move to cloud based solutions.    

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About Assurance Storage

Assurance Storage is revolutionizing the data management and storage markets by challenging the traditional thinking on how to optimize storage. Assurance’s autonomic tiered storage software architecture solves the productivity challenges created by the need to overcome the physical limitations of traditional disk I/O systems. Its unique, high performance solutions combine autonomic software, high density spinning disk and tightly integrated SSD technology to deliver unparalleled performance density, scalability, and management, at the industry’s lowest operational costs.

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