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Attacks May Compromise Encrypted Cell Phone Calling; KryptAll Keeps You Safe Even When Being Attacked

Wilmington, DE, June 15, 2021 –(– Several methods of attack have been developed that a hacker may use to compromise secure encrypted calling from cellular phones. KryptAll encrypted phones keep you safe even when being attacked. For the attacks they must have physical access to your phone or intercept the call from the cellular network or from the WiFi network. Then they can try attacks such as Brute Force to break the encrypted calling, or compromise the encryption from the phone, or Remote Access Technology (RAT) that may be installed to use the phone’s speaker and microphone to hear calls. That is why it is important is not to let someone have physical access to your secure phone.

Brute-force attacks allow a computer to break weak encryption within a reasonable time. Encryption such as 56-bit DES can be cracked in less than a day. Whereas encryption such as AES 256 would take billions of years to crack with even the super computers of today. KryptAll employs double AES256 encryption with a 10-digit key to keep you safe from brute force attacks.

KryptAll protects you by not allowing unencrypted calls to go over its network should the encryption on the phone be compromised.

Physical Access may allow the installation of Remote Access Technology (RAT) that will allow the hacker to access your complete phone including the speaker and microphone that will give them access to your calls before its encrypted. When using this technology on an iPhone, they would have to jail break the iOS to do this. KryptAll installs an app that will notify the user if the phone was jail broken to allow a RAT program to be installed.

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