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Attensity Analyze 5.5 Release Provides Large-Scale Data Grid Offering for Voice of the Customer Analytics

PALO ALTO, Calif. Jan. 24, 2011 Attensity Attensity Analyze 5.5 with the Attensity Data Grid

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Predictive Models Fed By Deep Text Analytics

Attensity’s massive scale also allows for improved predictive modeling, based on years of cross-channel customer conversations. Indications of intent to churn, commit fraud, recommend products, or change purchasing behavior is hidden in unstructured data. With Attensity Analyze 5.5, users will be able to leverage the power of Attensity’s text analytics engines to find these indicators, combined with the power of predictive modeling applications such as SAS or IBM SPSS.  A new module that acts as an interface between Attensity Analyze and predictive models is also included in the release.

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Self-Learning Classification Simplifies Knowledge Engineering

By combining industry-specific classification sets with a set of new utilities, Attensity Analyze 5.5 also makes it easier for knowledge engineers to custom-tailor their Attensity solution to meet their ever-changing requirements. This makes it simpler than ever before to monitor new product launches, understand sentiment around emerging issues, and react to market and business conditions.

Attensity Data Grid Capabilities

As unstructured data grows – fueled by the growth in social media and other customer feedback sources such as surveys, online communities, and more – Attensity Analyze 5.5 serves as a solution to keep more data online (scales to hundreds of terabytes) to quickly look at, analyze, and compare customer data elements over time and in mass quantity. Attensity’s in-depth, patented text analysis of customer data sources enables users to be able to ask deep questions such as:

  • Are there new and emerging service issues occurring?
  • What is the root cause of a product issue?
  • Can you tell me which customers will recommend us to others?
  • Has product quality declined or improved over time?

Coupled with the Attensity Data Grid, Attensity Analyze 5.5 performs between five and 180 times faster than relational queries (depending on the query and RDBMS vendor), and at 1/35th the input/output (I/O) of existing relational systems.

As a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Platform for executing queries issued by Attensity Analyze, the Attensity Data Grid combines hardware computing resources with software layered on top that coordinates work and administration of the grid. The Attensity Data Grid also operates as a Column Store solution where data is compressed, greatly decreasing both the I/O required to read data and the cost of storage.

Additional benefits of Attensity Analyze 5.5 include:

  • Continued ability to support RDBMS vendors (Teradata, Oracle, SQLServer) and standard database interfaces (JDBC, ODBC)
  • Time savings on queries to execute, equating to more user productivity
  • Ability to design a grid for a personalized environment that conforms to the user’s performance, volume, and user requirements
  • Addition of capacity and performance to the user’s existing, running system
  • Ability to manage 5 to 50 times the data with 20 times less storage
  • Simultaneous loading and querying
  • Easy deployment and maintenance

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Attensity Accolades and Events

Attensity was recognized by customer intelligence analyst firm Hypatia Research as a top ranked provider of Voice of the Customer solutions and honored to place within Hypatia’s Galaxy™ evaluations.

January 24-27 Microstrategy World Conference Las Vegas, Nevada IQPC Call Center Summit Orlando, Florida Contact Centers of America

Using the Voice of the Customer to Predict Your Customer Behavior," Manya Mayes

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