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Attorneys Joel S. Walter and Patricia M. Lee Announce Initiative To Create International Parental Child Abduction Legal Case Law Data Base

New York, New York (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

A consortium of international family law attorneys along with child abduction prevention advocates and computer software engineers have commenced the building of a legal database of important international parental child abduction(IPCA) cases from across the globe in order to create greatly needed legal tools necessary to litigate international parental child abduction prevention or reunification cases. Critical to the database’s index design is the ability of an end user to cross-reference various subject matter and topics as they relate to legal issues that present themselves during international child abduction cases.

The initiative, called STOP CHILD ABDUCTION, is anticipated to be completed by the early part of 2012.

The initiative is a continuation of renown international family lawyer William M. Hilton’s incredible work of creating a database of relevant international child abduction cases. Mr. Hilton’s great contributions to the world as a leading authority on Hague Convention related child abduction cases before his passing in November, 2009 has had a significant impact on many.

St. Petersburg, Florida attorney Patricia. M. Lee, a leading international family law practitioner who has a concentrated law practice that includes international child abduction prevention and reunification, and who is one of the key individuals involved in the creation of the STOP CHILD ABDUCTION legal reference index stated, “Many years ago, when I handled my first Hague Case, I immediately noted the great need for a research engine and database that could give Hague attorneys access to the international cases setting precedent on the interpretation of the various legal issues and defenses raised under the Convention. Mr. Hinton’s website was a godsend, and he worked for many years accumulating and making this research freely available to Hague attorneys worldwide. His death and the failure of any other advocate to fill his shoes was felt by children’s advocates across borders. It definitely left a gaping void for those trying to help victimized children and families around the world. This new database stands on Mr. Hinton’s shoulders, and will go even further to assist child advocates, as our technology and networking has increased since Mr. Hinton’s demise. Thank you!”

New York City based Attorney Joel S. Walter, a lawyer with over 35 years experience litigating complex legal cases primarily in the United States federal courts, and who is, along with Patricia M. Lee, one of the driving forces behind the creation of the STOP CHILD ABDUCTION legal reference index database added, “Mr. Hilton’s early successes in Family Law included precedent-setting case law that became included in the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. His vast knowledge in interstate and international child custody jurisdiction led to international recognition as a leading expert on the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. In many ways, our work in creating the STOP CHILD ABDUCTION database is to build upon this great man’s work so that lawyers such as myself who act as advocates of children targeted for abduction may be able to best act in a legal capacity to protect those who need our assistance most. In our undertaking, it is our hope and expectation to provide a much needed, updated resource for lawyers who are litigating complex cases of international child abduction.”

Peter Thomas Senese, an outspoken child abduction prevention advocate and the writer of numerous books and articles on the subject of IPCA commented, “Over the years of my volunteer advocacy in the area of international child abduction prevention, and through my own experiences as a once chasing parent, there has always been a resounding outcry that the judiciary overseeing international child abduction reunification or prevention cases are not trained or educated in the complex jurisdictional matters at hand. And this is true. So too is the fact that the vast majority of family court lawyers do not understand the complexities of international child abduction, which inevitably causes hardship for their clients and the children they are trying to protect. It is the hope and intent of all the individuals involved in the STOP CHILD ABDUCTION database to create an efficient tool that will help others targeted for abduction.”

The STOP CHILD ABDUCTION project has been sponsored by the newly established International Child Abduction Research & Education Foundation(I CARE Foundation) and is expected to be in operation during the 1st Quarter of 2012.

Attorneys litigating relevant cases are invited to submit cases to add to the STOP CHILD ABDUCTION legal reference index.

For more information about Florida Attorney Patricia M. Lee, please visit Ms. Lee’s official website.

For more information about New York City Litigator Joel S. Walter, please visit Mr. Walter’s official website.


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