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3 Trends shaping the future of the cloud

The cloud has quickly become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Consumers transfer billions of files each day, taking for granted this amazing technology. Over just a few years, the cloud went from virtually unknown to a crucial part of daily internet usage. What does the future hold? Here are three trends shaping the future of the cloud. Rise of [Read More...]

An Effective Way of JPG to Word Conversion

Gone are the days when if you wanted to edit any information from an image, you had to type the entire text manually. With the new and exciting Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can now effortlessly convert any image into editable form within a few seconds. Isn't this just amazing? With this software, there is absolutely no need to retype scanned documents. [Read More...]


Değerli seslisohbet severler,Türkiye ve diğer ülkelerden kişilerin bir arada bulunarak sesli ve görüntülü sohbet yapmasına imkan sağlayan seslisohbet sitemiz içerisinde seviyeli konuklarımızın arasında bulunarak hoş sohbetler yapabilirsiniz. Ücretsiz olarak sunulan chat ortamı içerisinde sınırsız olarak seslichat [Read More...]

Q&A with Nicholas Wells founder of Wells IP Law firm.

CEO Interview Nicholas Wells – Founder of Wells IP Law Nicholas Wells is a trademark attorney who focuses on entertainment law, technology law and intellectual property law. Wells is the founder of Wells IP Law and is a former consulting attorney, trademarks and brand management at GE. To learn more about his achievement visit his Profile [Read More...]

Q&A with Marijn Berk phorce

Marijn Berk – entrepreneur specializing in consumer electronics, nanotechnology and portable power. Marijn Berk is an established Amsterdam-based entrepreneur specializing in consumer electronics, nanotechnology and portable power. He is a former Kauffman Foundation scholar, recipient of a Startup Chile grant, and was named Young [Read More...]

Q&A with Stuart TalkTo

Stuart is the co-founder and CEO of TalkTo. His last company, Venetica, pioneered a new way for organizations to connect to information, and was acquired by IBM. Now TalkTo is pioneering a new way for consumers to reach businesses. Though different, both ideas presented daunting challenges whose solutions seem obvious in retrospect. As an [Read More...]

Q&A with Longhorn Leads CEO and Founder Ken Myers

Ken Myers, President & CEO. Ken founded Longhorn Leads and drives the vision behind the company from the sites we purchase and build to the partners we send traffic to, no facet of the business is too small for Ken to be concerned about. Prior to founding Longhorn Leads, Ken became the President of and the Chief Technology [Read More...]

Q&A with WinePoynt CEO and Founder Chris Taylor

Born in Austin, TX, Chris Taylor grew up on the Aegean coast in Izmir, Turkey where his parents worked as school teachers. He returned to the United States for college in 1994 and earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. Chris has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, working his way up from waiting tables and [Read More...]

Q & A with Hoopla CEO Michael Smalls

Mike founded Hoopla to answer the burning question he faced running sales organizations at a variety of companies: How do you motivate people to perform their best? His inspiration came from a variety of sources including sports, motivational psychology, game mechanics, and a competitive drive. [Read More...]

Why is it beneficial encouraging your team to deploy cloud storage tool

No matter either you are running a company of your own, managing a team of employees or looking forward to starting up your own small venture soon, it is a highly significant and important fact that you will surely need a team; a team of employees or associates who you would be managing under your supervision and would be delegating them tasks on [Read More...]
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