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What Do Users Expect from Data Privacy?

The trust between consumers and companies that serve them seems to be declining. Many users claim they no longer feel comfortable online. One of the reasons for this discomfort is that people do not trust businesses to look after their data. According to the PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series survey, thousands oppose the practices companies [Read More...]

Tracking the Success of Your Startup’s Marketing Efforts

Building a startup from scratch is no easy task. If you are among those that have done this, you understand that every process from developing your product to marketing to consumer satisfaction can be tricky. Startups function a lot differently from an already established company. The types of marketing strategies utilized, the way they are [Read More...]

Why ESG Reporting Is Essential For Your Business

More investors take the time to consider a company’s impact on the environment and the company approach to relevant social issues before committing their money. There is also pressure on companies from employees, customers, and other interested parties to deliver more transparency regarding these issues. The response for many companies is [Read More...]

Scaling Your Product – Why You Need It?

Scaling is becoming an increasingly common activity in the process of digital product development. What is scaling, and why is it a great solution when building a digital product? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about scaling products. What is scaling? Every company wants to have the best possible digital product, such [Read More...]

Pros of Blockchain-Based E-commerce Platforms

Blockchain technology is the future of eCommerce since its sudden rise started five years ago. This technology’s popularity is growing day by day. The primary role of blockchain-based eCommerce is to offer greater potential solutions worldwide. Blockchain is also a decentralized system of mutually connected computers around the globe. They [Read More...]

How Vaping Technology Has Adapted for Modern Life

Like any other industry, vaping has taken a long while to grow. We are going through the fourth generation of vaping and waiting to step on the fifth. Along with creativity, the industry has arrived at the zenith with the usage of modern technologies. If you are a true vape enthusiast, you should know the glorious history. In this article, we have [Read More...]

Mentor Course Review: Learn Online And Be Informed

No matter who you are or what you do, social media definitely takes precedence in your life. We live in an era where our lives are highly dependent on the unabated flow of data through the internet. While this unprecedented dominance of the internet may seem threatening, it has created numerous possibilities for those with the entrepreneurial [Read More...]

Blockchain – Application in MMORPGs and Online Gambling

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. Bitcoin’s creation pioneered its first real-world application in 2008. Since then, the decentralised, transparent, secure, and immutable system of recording and storing transactions has spawned the invention of hundreds of cryptocurrencies. It has also revolutionised countless industries, from [Read More...]

Why We Should Take Chatbots Seriously in 2021

Dialogue platforms such as chatbots are not a new innovation. In fact, the first-ever chatbot named ELIZA was developed in the ‘60s before the Internet even existed. Decades later, the use of conversational AI is currently at an all-time high. Chatbot technology has infiltrated nearly every industry from healthcare to retail, making text or [Read More...]

Stalkerware Explained (And What to Look Out For)

In the modern world of technology, it can feel like you’re being watched: things that you search show up in advertisements hours later, and social media algorithms quickly learn your interests and desires. But this kind of data sharing is used, more often than not, for advertising purposes. And while it’s certainly an invasion of privacy, the [Read More...]

Losing the Nobel Prize

Interview with Dr. Brian Keating who discusses almost winning the Nobel Prize and technology with Dr, Brian Keating. Watch the full interview below: [Read More...]

5 Cybersecurity Lessons for Crypto Owners from the KuCoin Hack Incident

On 26 September 2020, KuCoin detected a hack after noticing large withdrawals from its hot wallets. Before this, KuCoinconsidered itself as being the most secure cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. However, once they were aware of the unusual activity, the company performed a security audit, and this audit highlighted missing funds. The hacker [Read More...]

Top 5 Male Aesthetic Procedures

Top NYC and LA based plastic surgeon who specializes in Male Plastic Surgery shares the top most requested Male Aesthetic procedures via his new infographic: Brought to you by Dr, Douglas S. Steinrech, go to: for more [Read More...]

Top 5 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

With so many options in the cosmetic marketplace, it can be hard to find the right procedure for you. Hearing the word procedure may conjure up images of surgery tables and scalpels, but those are only for the few that want to get major work done. There are many alternative procedures that can yield big results while offering little intrusion on [Read More...]
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