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Directon and Axion realized that they could do more than just offer products and services to customers–they could offer them to each other as well.

As two forces in the Texas technology scene, Directron and Axion realized that they could do more than just offer products and services to customers–they could offer them to each other as well. Company president Michael Chang chats about the decision to get hitched.

Why did Axion and Directron decide to merge?

The short answer is because the previous owner of Axion wanted to exit this business and focus on his other businesses. However, this merger makes sense from many other aspects. The synergy of these two companies will help the company to compete better in the market. Many skills, technologies, and product categories are complementary to each other between these two companies. The merger will make the combined company stronger and better.

What are some of the benefits of the partnership for customers?

The joined company can provide lower prices, more product selection, and better services to our customers than the two separate companies. It will make it more convenient for customers to shop, upgrade, and build their own computers from one-stop resource. We’ll try to keep the strong points from both companies while eliminating or reducing the weak areas.

Why do you feel there is a need for what you provide?

As long as there are people out there who want to build/repair/upgrade their own computers for fun, saving money, or the challenge, there is a market for our products.

As long as the “big” system builders can’t provide satisfactory after-sale services, there is a market for our services.

What makes your company unique?

Number one is flexibility. We can build, deliver, install, and service 1000x computers with 10x and even 100x different hard drive images/configurations within one week without charging the customers an arm and a leg. We have the capacity to do mass production of highly customized systems. We are still a relatively small company, which means we can make decisions quickly in response to market changes and customer needs.

Number two is location. Our business is to provide discount computer hardware, parts, software, desktops, laptops, servers, peripherals, and accessories. Not too many companies are left in the Houston area to provide the products and services as we do.

Number three is experience. We started the business in 1991. Our business model has gone through many phases including wholesale, e-tail, system integration, IT consulting, etc. Such a wide range of experience has put us in a strong position to serve our customer base–whether it’s individual, public school, government agency, or giant corporation. We have the talent, know-how, capacity, and experience to serve their computer needs.

What kind of challenges does your company face, especially after combining forces?

Initially, we’ll have to combine the technologies behind these two companies to have a well-integrated and more efficient back-end system. The customers should see immediate benefits from the integrated system since we shall be able to combine the advantages of two systems.

Eventually, we hope to have two slightly different but equally successful business models for and while keeping them as separate Web sites.

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