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B2BeTrader Announces Killer Deals for the End User

  •     The B2BeTrader mobile app helps them find dealers in their area. B2BeTrader’s end user loves how easy it is to find used equipment nearby. He or she simply opens up the B2BeTrader mobile app (coming soon), searches for the used equipment, and navigate to the destination. The end user can meet the dealer and determine if the equipment works before making a purchase.
  •     There are a lot of listings on B2BeTrader. And it keeps growing every day! More and more dealers are using B2BeTrader because it posts every listing to all of the major social media outlets. Dealers take a few photos, describe their used equipment, and suddenly it’s visible to everyone. This always brings in the end user of the equipment, usually someone who is interested in making a purchase.
  •     They can find the best deals. When dealers or liquidators compete with one another for price, the end user always gets a great deal on used equipment. The number of listings keeps growing every day, and more and more users walk away with high quality used equipment that keeps their businesses running for years to come.
  •     End users are dealers too! B2BeTrader makes it easy for its end users to become do-it-yourself re-marketers. What is that? It’s someone who finds a product, cleans it up, and sells it back to the public at a slightly higher price. DIY re-marketers take the risk the public isn’t willing to take, and if they find a great deal, they can profit from it.
  •     The end user loves to help the environment. There’s nothing more green than cutting down on landfill waste. When B2BeTrader’s end users purchase their used equipment from dealers on the site, they prevent that equipment from going to the landfills. This not only saves money, it helps to cut down on our carbon footprint -something we can all agree with.
  •     It’s a great way to bootstrap a business in a rough economy. Every penny counts these days. B2BeTrader’s end user understands this, and that’s why so many of them are happy to purchase high quality used equipment through the site. These new features are helping them save money and operate their businesses with lower costs.

The B2BeTrader mobile app (coming soon) and social media features are generating so much buzz because they’re making it incredibly easy for businesses to list their equipment and sell it shortly. This makes life easier for the site’s end user because it eliminates a lot of the common frictions that can occur in this sort of business transaction. These days, people want to find the right equipment, and they want to do it fast. With so many options to choose from, this is now the reality for most end users of the site. Click here to post free ads


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