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Baby Thoughts is Expecting HFEA Open Authority Meeting on 19 October 2011 to Make Payments to Donors a Step Closer

  • Women who donate during their IVF treatment typically to reduce costs.
  • Friends and family of women who need a donor.
  • Altruistic women who donate.

Babythoughts provides a forum that allows donors to register their interest in donating and for couples to communicate with them at no upfront cost. Babythoughts also allows Donors to define the type of person they wish to donate to. Babythoughts is unique in that it allows the person who is donating to have choice over who they donate to, and the type of interaction they would or would not like with the recipient.

Marcus went on to say “Contrary to popular belief we have found that there isn’t a shortage of suitable women in the UK willing to donate their eggs”. The problem is that until now there hasn’t been the visibility of the shortage. Also even for women who are aware of the shortage there has been no obvious place to go to.

Couples can search the secure database of potential egg donors in the UK by specifying key attributes such as location or eye and hair colour. Babythoughts then facilitates anonymous dialogue between both parties until a decision is made as to suitability at which time the parties can either decide to meet or indeed proceed anonymously via the NHS or private sector IVF clinic.

Within 2 weeks of launch almost 50 donors registered with the site and the format is already proving successful in helping couples find a suitable egg donors and avoid the queue to receiving treatment on the NHS or at a private clinic.

It is expected soon after the Open Authority meeting tomorrow that a decision on the type and level of compensation available to donors will soon be made. It is widley expected that compensation will be harmonised with payments in the rest of the EU which are tyipcally around 1000 euros.

With over 40,000 couples waiting on average 3 years to be matched with a suitable egg donor via the NHS, Babythoughts offers a secure and confidential way for egg donors and recipient couples to get in contact and by-pass the current waiting list system. Once a couple have found a donor they automatically move to the top of the waiting list on the NHS. Alternatively, if preferred, the recipient can avoid a waiting list altogether by using a registered IVF clinic in the private sector.

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