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Backing up Your Data

Is it not irritating to send your number again and again to a friend who is renowned for losing his phone and along with it, all the contact that were stored on it? Well, as annoying as it may sound, it can happen to you too, unless you are prepared for it and keep all your data as a back-up.  A simple careless or unmindful click can send years of your hard work and research down the trash bin permanently and you won’t be able to recover it ever again. Or what if a malignant virus strikes your computer, laptop or mobile phone? You will still end up losing all your important data, contact and other multimedia files without any real fault of your own. What if your laptop or mobile phone gets stolen or is lost? What if your desktop or laptop hard drive stops functioning all of a sudden and you lose all your files? What if you spill something on your laptop that causes data loss? Or worse still, what if you lose all your important files in an accident? Sadly, while we all know how important it is to maintain a back-up of all our important data, we seldom put our knowledge into practice. When such a disaster strikes, money cannot solve the issue. It cannot compensate for your loss and all the valuable time you have spent in preparing and collating all your important documents. You might also end up losing your client’s contact details. But a bigger threat is that, if your laptop or mobile phone is stolen, your contacts’ information becomes extremely vulnerable to misuse. This can be rather stressful, isn’t it? Well, to save you from all this trouble and annoyance, there is a very simple solution – backing up your data. A few simple tips to back up your data effectively are discussed below:

Look for a reliable online back-up solution: There are numerous online back-up solutions or storage locations where you can save all your critical data. This includes your official work,, client information, personal details, passwords, important contacts as well as multimedia files such as photos, videos and music. While the price that you pay to avail an online data storage facility is nominal, you can actually benefit a lot from it. The very idea of losing data is crazy and by paying a few dollars you can ensure that you never tread that path. Whether you ever lose your data or not, why take a chance? There will only be repent if such a disaster strikes and you do not have a back-up of all your important files!

A few good and reliable online data storage solutions are Dropbox and Both provide easy data access and retrieval. While in Dropbox you can store up to 2GB of data for free, which is usually a good memory space to store important documents and pictures, you can go for a Pro package that gives you 50GB of space to store more files and costs only USD 10 a month. Dropbox can be easily configured on any platform, including Mac, PC and Linux., on  the other hand allows 5GB of free data back-up space but if you require to store more files, you can extend the storage space to 500GBs at only 15$ a month! Plus, this online data back-up solution also offers a host of attractive and useful additional features such as sharing your files with anyone located anywhere in the globe. This feature comes quite handy while sending emails with heavy attachments that your regular email service provider cannot handle.

Another useful and well-known online data storage solution is Jungle Disk. It can be operated with very little technical skill and is great for storing all your important data. However, compared to Dropbox and, it is a little expensive at 15cents for every 1GB of data stored and an additional 4$ as fee every month.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) Is another solution for storing data and maintaining a back up of all your important files. This technology involves using multiple disks that are arranged in a logic unit. Data is stored on them depending upon their level of redundancy and requirement. If you are looking for an offline data backing up solution, you can buy a RAID package of several hard drives. But the cost will be a little more compared to the online alternatives as you would require having an offsite location with a broadband connection to store all your data at a remote location. While RAID comes handy in case your house is robbed or there is an accident, it is not very useful in case you delete your data by accident or your hard drive crashes.

You can also exchange back-ups with a reliable friend who has a lot of technical knowledge and expertise. While your hard drive acts as an external and/or remote back-up for his data, his can be the same for all your important files.

Here’s hoping that these tips will come handy in backing-up all your critical data well in time to save disappointment later!

About the Author:Frank Johnson is a regular editorial contributor on technology products and services that help small to mid size businesses.  To know more about backing up data and for queries pertaining to latest technological strategies, you can interact with him here

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