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Bare Knuckled Fighters Vie for Loot and Glory in Fallout 76 Boxing Arena

Watoga, WV, October 10, 2020 –(– Naked and Bare Knuckled Fighters Vie for Loot and Glory in Fallout 76 Boxing Arena.

12 virtual boxers bring their new character builds into the ring for the third time this year.

As a virtual bar and boxing venue, the El Gato Pub and Litter Box has been developing engaging online community content through the lens that is Bethesda’s Fallout 76 sandbox since 2019. As featured in Bethesda’s Community Spotlight, Cat Fight Nights was designed as a quarterly event that allows unarmed melee brawlers to engage in friendly PVP, focusing on character skill development while affording contestants the ability to win in game currency.

This will be the third and final Cat Fight Night event this year with the exception of a Rok’m Sok’m Power Armor Charity Match up in December benefiting Gamers Outreach. “This time around we have had so many registrations that we ended up tapping into our alternates list…which is amazing!” says XREDDER (Shredder) owner and proprietor of the El Gato Pub and The Litter Box. “We are super excited to have 10 newcomers all looking incredible during our training sessions. It has been amazing to see everyone’s builds improve.” There are two events…the Qualifiers and the Finals. The Qualifiers are made up of six boxing match ups with three weight classes Featherweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight where each match up goes best of five rounds. Winners will move on to the Finals on October 24, 2020 at which time they will go best of 15 rounds. There are restrictions on in-game character and environmental additions such as performance enhancers, etc. which helps make these bouts fun and fairly matched. So much so that the most common boxer and viewer comments we hear are:

“Wow, my heart is racing…this is really like boxing, this is soooo much fun!” – Boxers

“I gotta say I had so much fun last night. I haven’t screamed at my television in a long time.” – Fight Fan

And to keep things interesting for the viewers at home, there are prizes that can be won in the chat by betting on the winning fighter, celebrity stream announcers even join in the fun. Since the second Cat Fight Nights event the El Gato Pub has been honored to have HyperX Gaming onboard as the heavyweight match-up sponsor and this fight season is no different as they continue to sponsor the bouts all throughout the year. All the contenders as well as the crew at the El Gato Pub and the Litter Box are looking forward to putting on a great show for the Twitch viewers.

The Litter Box is a part of the El Gato Pub entertainment complex located in the Savage Divide within the virtual world that is Fallout76. The El Gato Pub hosts multiple streaming events every week that include Taco Tuesdays, Bingo Fridays, Scavenger Hunts, FlashMobs and Sparring Saturdays where in game quests and in-chat giveaways are the name of the game. Full weekly schedule can be found in the info section at

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