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Beauty.AI 1.0 announces the first humans judged by a robot jury; Beauty.AI 2.0 to be launched soon

Beauty.AI, the first online beauty pageant judged by an all-robot jury announced its first human contest winners.

New York, USA (PRWEB) February 06, 2016

Beauty.AI, the first online beauty pageant judged by an all-robot jury announced its first human contest winners. Over 5,000 humans took part in this historic contest judged by the three robots. The three robots included RYNKL, which scored people by the “wrinkliness” within their age group, MADIS, which scored people by their similarity to models within their racial group and an implementation of an algorithm, which scored people sharing common features with famous actors. Despite the many participants, some of the 50+ age groups lacked qualified submissions.

“Developing algorithms to impartially evaluate human appearance is of great interest not only to cosmetics companies, but also to healthcare providers and anti-aging research community. If you are a developer and want to leave a footprint in aging research, please get in touch with us. I will be presenting at the NVIDIA GTC conference in April, it is a great venue to discuss the next contest”, said Konstantin Kiselev, lead developer of RYNKL.

Prizes from sponsors including NVIDIA will be shipped to contest laureates shortly. Beauty.AI was covered by Cosmopolitan, Yahoo! Beauty, GQ and many other major news outlets making it easier to find sponsors for Beauty.AI to attract more human participants and algorithm developers. The collective plans to launch Beauty.AI 2.0 in March-April 2016.

“Despite the many challenges in organizing this historic contest, we managed to build a platform, which can be used to put humans in front of a robot jury. We can see that many humans would like to be evaluated and analyzed by the robots. When organizing Beauty.AI 2.0 we will focus on attracting some of the best teams in AI to test their algorithms on the large data set of standardized facial photographs linked to biometric parameters”, said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CEO of the anti-aging company Insilico Medicine, author of “Dating AI: a guide to falling in love with artificial intelligence”, advisor to Beauty.AI .

Winners of Beauty.AI 1.0:

Polina Repik, Johanna Vikar, Gladys Avila, Maggie B, Lubov Nizharadze, Kiran Kishore, Alex Zimmermann, Sujit Manke, Paul Conley, Ark Prokop.

“Beauty.AI and RYNKL brought together people from all walks of life and united them in one mission – advance AI research to solve human aging. I am happy to be part of this project and add the two cents to the global war on aging”, said Alexey Shevtsov, CEO of Youth Laboratories.


About Beauty.AI

Beauty.AI is the first beauty contest judged entirely by robot jury, where humans and robots can apply to participate. Every quarter this platform will open submissions for multiple developers of beauty-ranking algorithms to train and test their systems.

The project was launched by Youth Laboratories team, whose aspiration is to grasp the fundamentals of human nature and effective ways of aging slow down and retaining the youthful look for as long as possible.

For more information on scientific studies of aging, bioinformatics, Deep Learning and Machine Learning or Youth Laboratories team’s plans, please email to team(at)beauty(dot)ai or visit:

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