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Beef Jerky Goes Gourmet – Jerk Nation(TM) Launches Brand New All Natural Shake n’ Season Beef Jerky

Jerk Nation(TM) has just been launched and offers a brand new concept in their new gourmet line of SHAKE n’ SEASON Beef Jerky products. Jerk Nation(TM) is a premium gourmet line of Beef Jerky. Chuck McMahon, President of Marketing, said, “We’ve combined a Smokey All-Natural Beef Jerky with a SHAKE n’ SEASON experience using a unique flavor-enhancing Jerk Dust spice packet enclosed in every bag of jerky.”

Jerk Dust is part of Jerk Nation’s(TM) first and original SHAKE n’ SEASON experience and is the first concept of its kind with Beef Jerky. A spice packet with Jerk Nation’s(TM) secret ingredients is placed inside each bag of jerky which allows the consumer to enhance the flavor – Chili Lime, Original Spicy, Mom’s Apple Pie, Fajita and others. The Jerk Dust is then taken from the bag, opened and sprinkled on the Beef Jerky. The bag is then sealed and shaken. The interactive nature of the experience has placed the consumer in control. By adding as much or as little Jerk Dust to the jerky itself people can create their own intensity of flavor with every bag. Steve Johnson, author of the Best Beef Jerky website and blog stated in a review of this newly launched Jerk Nation product that it “packs in a lot of flavor…offers a great value…” and that the “price per ounce is close to what you’ll pay at the grocery store for a Jack Link’s or an Oberto jerky, but you’ll get better flavor and meat consistency with this.” Steve’s conclusion on the product was, “I’m giving this a BEST rating…5 stars.”

Michael Mucci, President of Sales for Jerk Nation(TM) stated, “We’ve selected premium cuts of the most tender and desirable meats to offer the consumer a first-class gourmet product. It’s not only the best Beef Jerky on the planet, but the introduction of an innovative and interactive Beef Jerky experience that’s the first of its kind. The Beef Jerky is not only flavorful to eat, but fun as well because of the SHAKE n’ SEASON experience.” Adam Ramati, Founder and President of Production said, “This new product line was not created to just have a brand of Beef Jerky on the market for the sake of creating it. Instead, we’ve put together a Beef Jerky experience that is both tasty and ground-breaking with our SHAKE n’ SEASON Jerk Dust innovation. We’ve had thousands of taste tests to date and we’ve continually heard the same reaction from people of all ages – they believe it’s the best Beef Jerky they’ve ever had.” Mucci stated, “We’re not just interested in creating a Beef Jerky company with a gourmet Beef Jerky product. There’s no doubt that the jerky is absolutely fantastic. However, we are looking to take the concept of the way we’ve invented this jerky and shape it into a “movement.” To us the consumer will be part of the Jerk Nation(TM) family because we are building a nation of Jerks one Jerk at a time.”

About Jerk Nation(TM) Beef Jerky Products:
Jerk Nation(TM) Beef Jerky is owned and operated by Adam’s Gourmet, Inc. Jerk Nation’s(TM) new product line can be bought at two locations on the internet: their main site can be found at and their portal site at Jerk Nation(TM) will continue to offer new flavors and products in the coming months.

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