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Behr To Present Three Technical Papers At SAE 2012

TROY, Mich. April 24, 2012 Behr America April 24-26 Detroit

Wilm Uhlenbecker Behr America

"Visco Coolant Pump – Demand-based Flow Rate Control" Matthias Banzhaf

Globally, coolant pumps have almost always been powered by direct, uncontrolled drives.  The delivery and power consumption have been directly related to the engine speed, which under many conditions, results in an unnecessarily high flow rate.  The potential to reduce flow rate is now inherent within the Visco coolant pump.

"Waste Heat Recovery:  The Next Challenge for Commercial Vehicle Thermomanagement" John Tepas Behr America April 26

Fuel consumption-related legislation in various regions around the world will be an important factor in the development of future commercial vehicles.  The application of a waste-heat recovery system to commercial vehicle’s powertrains is one possible step in  achieving the new fuel-economy requirements.  In particular, the Rankine Cycle (a closed steam cycle) is often proposed as a potential means for generating energy from the engine-exhaust heat.

Tepas will discuss possible fuel savings of a Rankine Cycle system with the complete vehicle infrastructure in commercial vehicles based on an in-house developed simulation tool.  Simulation results as well as results of validation of the simulation results will be shown in relation to the use of alternative system layouts for long-haul vehicle application as well as transient cycles.

"High Efficiency Sub-Cool Condenser" April 26 Larry Wei Behr America

Air conditioning system improvements can play an important future role in reducing CO2 emissions.  Behr’s innovative development of a condenser with a three-pass sub-cooling zone makes it possible to significantly increase the cooling-circuit efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.    

Wei will present the results of tests conducted by Behr for the new condenser in comparison with conventional designs.  A new condenser specification also has been developed and validated for a system-oriented evaluation of the component.   Validation results from circuit and vehicle measurements in Behr’s on-site wind tunnel will be presented as well.

"Behr has long been known as a leader in vehicle air-conditioning and engine-cooling systems,"   Uhlenbecker concluded.  "These technical papers give evidence that we are continually developing the newest and industry-leading automotive heat transfer products and systems."

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