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Bio-AMD, Inc.; Patent Application for Photovoltaic Sensor Array

LONDON April 25, 2012

The patent application has been made to the UK Intellectual Property Office. The new light sensor is a vital part of the DSR used to detect the colour change of the lateral flow test strip to produce a semi quantitative digital measurement. It comprises multiple photodiodes formed on a single silicon wafer by vapour deposition, forming an integrated Quad Solar Cell Sensor ("QSCS").

Compared to an array of individual photodiodes "packaged" together, the QSCS light sensor offers significant advantages; it is compact, able to cope with lower tolerances and has increased accuracy due to its uniformity. It is also far easier and cheaper to manufacture, the light sensor forming a significant proportion of the cost of the electronics in the DSR device. The QSCS can be produced for around only 1/5 of the cost of an equivalent "packaged" array. This cost of production saving is particularly relevant to DSR’s application to digital pregnancy testing, our initial target market for DSR licencing.

An initial run of QSCS sensor units has been produced for incorporation into DSR test units.

The DSR hand-held reader device incorporates portability, scalability and repeatability with low manufacturing costs. Our technology also runs on photo-electric power, avoiding the need for chemical batteries and the disposal issues arising from them.

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