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Body Fat Percentage Calculator Is Available Free Online

There are some who would do both. But, there is a problem. The weight may be going down, but are you sure that the weight you have reduced is the weight of your fat, and not of the muscles, bone, and even the water weight? The body fat percentage calculator helps you find out whether you have been able to reduce the fat weight or not.

The fact is 70 percent of the human weight is actually water weight. Incidentally, it is quite easy to reduce this water weight. There are those who go on a regime and make it a point to check their weight from time to time. But often, the reduction is in the water weight and not in the body fat. The statistics here is quite misleading because the person believes that he or she is on the right track, and continues on the same program. It could even be dangerous because reducing the water weight beyond a point can be bad for health.

Also, those on a strict diet often end up losing muscle weight. Here too, the total weight count will show a reduction. But, in reality, the fat has remained unchanged. This is also dangerous because if the muscle mass goes down drastically, you will end up feeling weak. Your body’s ability to ward off diseases will go down. Your metabolism will weaken, and this will lead to weight gain, rather than weight loss.

The body fat percentage calculator helps you avoid all these. What exactly is this body fat percentage calculator? As the name suggests, it helps you find out the actual fat content that you have lost from your workout regime, and from any diet changes you might have made. It helps you calculate body fat accurately and shows you whether you are on the right track to lose all that fat or not. It has been developed from the U.S. Army circumference standards, and always gives accurate results.

This is a great tool to understand what amount of body fat is right for which size and height. Therefore, you can also know whether you really need to do something about your condition or not, and also, the extent of changes you must bring about. The body fat percentage calculator is just what you need to initiate the changes that will give you the results you want.

About The website helps people fight the fitness battle and succeed in losing weight. The body fat percentage calculator can be downloaded free here. With this tool, anybody can monitor how the weight loss program is progressing. Please visit for more information.

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