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Book.Defy Announces New Service to Help College Students Exchange Textbooks

AKRON, Ohio Jan. 28, 2011

Every penny counts for most college students.  The buying textbooks and the textbook buy-back process is a painful experience.  Yet students haven’t had any viable alternatives to the experience in the past.  The reason?  No tool exists to help students exchange textbooks in a private and safe manner.  Book.Defy will change this.

Book.Defy is a tool to help create real, social interaction.  Security and privacy are the NUMBER ONE concerns of college students when dealing online.  The site respects its users’ privacy and doesn’t share or sell its users’ information, period.  Book.Defy only requests a limited amount of information.    

Book.Defy provides safety on two levels:

  1. Book.Defy is only open to current college students, and requires all members use their university e-mail address.  
  2. Book.Defy is working with partners in the community of each college campus to provide a public place for textbook exchanges to occur.  

The privacy and security are further maintained by the inability of other people to see information about each member on the site.  Unlike a typical social network website, there are no friends, there are no postings, and only information necessary so that other users can engage and exchange textbooks.  Furthermore, providing cell phone numbers is not necessary, as Book.Defy uses Voice over IP (VoIP) to communicate from the site and thus, protects the student’s personal phone numbers.

As a community-oriented site service, Book.Defy relies on three groups of people; students, professors and local businesses:  

  • Professors use Book.Defy to allow students to use older, out-of-print editions of books if they want, or can simply ensure that students buy the right book.  
  • Businesses can promote their events, and provide students with a public, secure place to exchange textbooks.  
  • Students can swap books with their classmates, save some money in the process, get a cup of coffee and maybe make a friend.

SOURCE Book.Defy

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