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BRIDGE 2 Foundation As Introduced by Founders – EDP Health, Safety and Environment Consultants – “A Bridge Has A Bridge Has A Definite Destination; Somewhere You Really Want To Go”

Are you a successful business man or woman with a sense that you have a pretty good deal from life? COVENTRY, ENGLAND, July 12, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Are you a successful business man or woman with a sense that you have a pretty good deal from life?

Do you think about people in other parts of the world whose existence is so poor that you can barely imagine how they cope? They can¡¦t get out of the gutter by pulling on their own bootstraps – they need a helping hand.

BRIDGE 2 is about addressing this situation ¡V not in a grandiose fashion but by providing opportunities for individuals to make a small difference. Of course, if sufficient people each make a small difference, then the combined impact will indeed be grandiose.

First let’s clear the ground – our primary focus is not your money. Oh no, our goals are much bigger than that  much bigger!

Every successful business person has knowledge, skills, experience, contacts, opportunities and much more that would be invaluable elsewhere in the world to those who are desperate to reach the first rung of the ladder to self help.

The objective of BRIDGE 2 is to bring together those who have everything and those who have nothing and then see what happens when they interact.

Do you have business ideas that could be implemented in third world countries?

Do you have contacts that could benefit fledgling businesses?

Do you have the time to mentor someone new in business; to help them put together a business plan, for example, or to obtain funding for a new project?

Can you give advice on the myriad dilemmas faced by new businesses?

Do you have what it takes to turn a failing business into something viable, perhaps even a roaring success?

These are just a few ideas of what we are looking for, but there are endless ways in which you can make a difference.

And before we forget, we do need money. If you can give, albeit small amounts, there are plenty of ways in which it can benefit others.

But as we said, giving is not our primary focus. How about "investing" in small start-up businesses in which you already have an interest. In terms of the sums that are needed, the risk is small but the possible returns can be enormous in both monetary and human terms.

Do you have the ability and time to devote to training would-be entrepreneurs in aspects of setting up and running a business?

What other ways could you help those who have nothing to give in return but gratitude?

Founder, David Skews, (EDP Chief Executive Officer) said:

"Everyone needs a vision to which they can aspire. For some it may be to acquire wealth. Perhaps others prefer fame or power or authority. For most people in our world, their vision is simply to survive, to provide food and shelter for their families and, if possible, a measure of security and safety. You may think there is little you can do to help. It’s up to the politicians or those few brave souls who "have a calling" to dedicate their lives to relieving poverty".

He went on to say:

"In fact, we can all help in little ways and without major personal sacrifice. In fact, contributing even a little can have a massive payback in terms of self fulfilment and satisfaction. BRIDGE 2 offers a channel by which you are able to add your contribution to that of many others in order to fulfil our Vision".

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