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Broadcom Enables Massive Network Scalability with World’s Highest Density 100GbE Switch Solution

IRVINE, Calif. April 30, 2012

News Highlights:

  • World’s highest density SoC and FE1600 fabric enable highly scalable 10/40/100G solutions
  • Only merchant silicon to process a single stream of 200Gbps supporting two 100Gbps full-duplex ports
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  • Unparalleled integration reduces board space, power and system cost

the BCM88650 series

As the popularity of social networking, streaming video and high bandwidth business services continue to climb, demand for higher-speed networks is growing at an astounding pace. As a result, scalable and affordable 100GbE platforms are a key requirement for next generation switching infrastructures. Large data centers with thousands of servers require 100 Gbps network connectivity in the core to the edge, while large service provider networks require high density core switching platforms with 100 Gbps interfaces to support the increasing access capacities such as 10G PON. The BCM88650 series is the only merchant silicon solution that can process a single stream of 200Gbps traffic at Layer 2-Layer 4 with integrated advanced packet classification and deep-buffer traffic management features to support data center, carrier Ethernet and packet transport requirements.

Analysts expect 100GbE technology to significantly outpace the growth of 40GbE in its first years of introduction. In many ways, 40G has acted as a trailblazer for 100G, reducing risk at the component level and familiarizing service providers and test equipment vendors with coherent networking(1).

Unparalleled Integration Reduces Board Space, Power and System Cost

The unparalleled integration of the BCM88650 allows OEMs to reduce board space and power while lowering system costs.  The unified infrastructure enables system vendors to build a single, scalable product line sharing the same switching infrastructure to address a variety of densities and applications.

A carrier access switching solution with a total capacity of a few hundred Gbps can be designed with a single BCM88650 device. A chassis with a total capacity of 25Tbps can be designed for the core of the data center or the carrier core network. Moreover, multiple chassis of different capacities can be interconnected to create a scalable core platform and deliver up to 4,000 wire-speed ports of 100GbE or their 40GbE/10GbE equivalent.

Market Drivers:

  • Global IP traffic expected to grow 20-fold by 2016(1)
  • 1 million minutes of video content will cross the network every second by 2015(1)
  • The number of devices connected to IP networks will be 2x the global population by 2015(1)
  • Massive traffic growth challenges current network architecture(3)
  • $50B

Key Facts:

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  • Integrated  1/10/40/100GbE network interfaces eliminates the need for additional components
  • Large on-chip classification databases can be extended using a companion Broadcom/NetLogic processor
  • Deep buffers with distributed scheduling scheme allowing state of the art hierarchical QOS, transmission scheduling and flow control schemes
  • Fully compatible with Broadcom’s industry-leading XLP® multi-core processors and NL8865x knowledge-based processors for best-in-class control plane and expanded L2-4 header processing performance
  • Fully supported by Broadcom’s common Application Programming Interface (API)


The BCM88650 series

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Linley Group

"100GbE and greater density line cards help provide the network bandwidth demanded by video traffic and mobile applications. Large data centers with thousands of servers require 100 Gbps connectivity throughout the network while service provider networks require edge/core switching platforms with dense 100 Gbps interfaces. Broadcom’s newest 100GbE SoC series will further strengthen the company’s position as a leading supplier, delivering the broadest range of silicon solutions for next-generation high-performance networks."

Eyal Dagan

"At Broadcom, we understand that next-generation data centers and service provider networks demand ultra high-port density and a large quantity of high bandwidth ports to manage the exponential growth in traffic happening today. With the industry’s highest level of integration and bandwidth, the BCM88650 series delivers the terabit connectivity required to usher in the next generation of high bandwidth solutions from the core to the edge of the network."


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(1) Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2011-2016

(3) Linley Group Guide to Ethernet Switch and PHY Chips December, 2011

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