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Browlift Surgery – Restore a More Youthful Look

For a More Rested and Fresh Look

A brow lift (browplasty) is a kind of cosmetic surgery which is done to give the eyes and the face a more rested and bright look through:

    * Smoothening of the forehead
    * Fixing of drooping or sagging eyebrows by elevation/repositioning

Besides causing deep expression lines on the forehead, a drooping eyebrow acts as an obstacle to good vision. If such is the case, a browlift would do much good.

A Thoroughly Satisfying Procedure

Before conducting the browlift surgery, the plastic surgeon would assess factors such as how the eyebrows are positioned, the extent of furrows, the type of skin, the amount of skin in the upper eyelids, and the location of the hairline. The great thing about the brow lift is that it gives you your youthful look without cutting the skin or causing hair loss. The incidence of big scars is a rarity.

Choose Wisely

Any one wishing to undergo a brow lift should be in good health and not have any active medical conditions. Irrespective of whether the reasons for your opting for the surgery are cosmetic or functional, it is of utmost importance that you select a plastic surgeon of good qualification and caliber.

A brow lift may be done along with eyelid surgery, skin resurfacing procedures or a facelift for heightened facial beauty.


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