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Build It and They Will Come. Clicck Announces Partnership With ECPI to Develop Cutting Edge Facebook App, Once Again Defying the Critics!

MIAMI Jan. 19, 2011 Chris Ovide Field of Dreams

Chris Ovide

How does it work? The application analyzes a reference picture loaded onto Clicck’s Facial Recognition server that is used as a baseline for the users conception of visual perfection. This guideline is then analyzed and used as the standard in matching the Clicck user’s image with that of a friend’s Facebook profile. This standard is then applied in searching through and identifying qualified matches by applying the predetermined visual standard against public profile pics found on Facebook Friends of Friends lists. Once a match is pin pointed, a notice is sent either directly to the potential match or conversely to the mutual friend asking them to provide a formal introduction. Finally, the Facebook user who has been identified as meeting the criteria set forth by the member initiating the search is then invited to utilize the app; allowing them to engage Clicck’s holistic platform directly to provide a more in-depth analysis of the two individuals compatibility.

"Lately, we have come under pressure from critics who decry our focus on preference in applying technology and ask what we are doing to increase our subscriber base. While it appears we have found a source of Venture Capital which will be exceptionally beneficiary in marketing and growing our subscriber numbers, it is imperative that we continue to advance towards perfecting our product and increasing our brand recognition rather then resting on our laurels or taking the easy road out and using marketing strategies alone to gain critical mass in subscribership," says Clicck’s driving force.

Chris Ovide

Field of Dreams,

Chris Ovide

Darry Johnson

"Clicck is basically a massive filter giving the end user more qualified choices while alternatively allowing them to interconnect with a much larger pool of potential partners. Facebook’s announcement of their redesign of Facebook Connect was the final green light we need to forge ahead with this unique app. By simplifying Facebook Connect, Facebook’s management has made a brilliant tactical decision and is ultimately a statement of their desire and interest in fostering third party companies’ efforts towards integrating various and potentially groundbreaking apps into their repertoire of customer solutions. It’s basically a de-facto partnership, not legally binding but with very little risk to Facebook given the parameters and a good deal of incentive to keep good relations with the smaller entrepreneurs. The new Facebook Connect will provide third party dating sites vital information enabling companies such as Clicck with clear guidelines to work from with the added incentive of opening the playing field up to smaller startups such as ourselves," adds COO Johnson.

Chris Ovide


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