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Building A Website Is Easier Than You Think

Start ups and small businesses looking to expand their online presence in an increasingly more technological world may find building a website in this day and age intimidating, especially when they see what intricate designs the competition is creating. What they may not realize is that there are various tips and tricks of the trade available to them for little to no cost, enabling even those who don’t have any website building experience to assemble and sustain one that looks professional. Read on below to learn about handy tools and techniques for creating a more effective website, growing your userbase as a result.

What To Remove From Your Site
If you have an existing site that requires a remodel, it’s critical to first delete that which is not serving you; the key is to keep things simple. Break down large blocks of text into more punchy and digestible pieces – there are a great many interfaces that don’t require HTML knowledge and will provide you with a simple layout for text as a base to work from. Organize your information into headings, subheadings and utilize separate pages for your blog. As well, remove superfluous animation, pixelated images, and anything that looks choppy.

Building A Website


Adding Social Media Handles
Apps and widgets can be useful to add to your homepage when connecting with your market and audience base. Allow for users to follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for example by adding a social media bar to the top or bottom of your site; then use social media as an opportunity to link followers back to your content whenever you’ve posted something new.

Being Strategic With Your Use Of Images
Remember that your website is part of your brand; it should give users a taste of what you’re about. Therefore, everything from the colours you use to the types of images you choose should reflect your value as a business. Stay clear of clipart or anything too kitschy and choose a clean aesthetic for every image you post. You may for example, choose to only use professional photographs taken at your establishment for the site, rather than stock images. Alternatively, you may use stock photos from time to time but only if they capture a certain tone.

Utilizing The Website Builder Included In Your Hosting Plan
The best hosting plans include an easy‑to‑use drag and drop website builder with one-click publishing. If you’re still searching for a strong web host, HostPapa is one that includes this tool. You can choose from hundreds of mobile‑friendly templates with flexible designs and layouts. Check out this link to see how easy it is to build a website with the help of the right provider — your site will even be ecommerce optimized so you can start selling online.

Years ago, getting yourself online and designing a website for your business was considered to be a daunting task. Now, start ups can obtain access to dozens of resources to help them make the transition without hassle. By being strategic about design and partnering with a strong hosting partner that can do more than simply provide online space, these companies are given the means to rise to the top faster than ever before.

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