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Buying Steroids from Web Sites You Don’t Trust Is Risky, Consumers Are Cautioned

Consumers don’t always take the time to understand what anabolic steroids are and what their side effects can be, especially when used improperly. The products in question are not vitamins or herbal supplements; they are extremely powerful, synthetic substances which can dramatically affect the human body. The risk of improper use increases significantly if the drugs are obtained without a doctor’s prescription or from a web site that cuts corners in terms of purity or labeling of dosages. As points out:

“Aside from liver problems, you can also be at risk for sexual dysfunction, baldness, shrinking of testicles, acne, and your natural production of testosterone may slow down and eventually shut down.”

Clearly, it is incumbent upon anyone who is considering the purchase of steroids, human growth hormone or any other related drugs through an online retailer, to spend the time to fully understand what they are buying and whether the retailer is trustworthy. Searching on steroids for sale on Google brings back nearly 1.6 million hits. That’s an overwhelming number of potential sources, retailers and web sites to deal with; it’s no wonder that people are confused and tempted to simply buy from the first site they find. Using as a resource can be an invaluable starting point in helping to narrow down the choices to prevent an unpleasant or even dangerous experience.

One of the primary points Steroid Sources attempts to drive home to anyone who is considering the use of steroids is that anabolic steroids should only be used under the supervision of a physician. Although there are web sites that promise ways around the regulations, a doctor’s prescription is required to buy these products; bypassing a physician raises both legal and health concerns that consumers need to be aware of.

The tools available on Steroid Sources empower the consumer, putting them in control when buying steroids. The site includes a daily roundup of steroid-related news items (including pro sports figures and athletes), video clips, a blog, articles on all aspects of steroid use, detailed descriptions of steroid products (including street names for the drug, what it does, facts, and advantages/disadvantages), reviews, pros and cons of steroid use, books on the subject and forums where people ask questions and share their experiences.

About The Author: Jeremy Godin is a personal trainer and regular contributor to fitness publications. In his line of work, Jeremy frequently sees steroids for sale. More often than not the product is of questionable quality and Jeremy warns his clients to avoid going the grey market route, citing legal and health concerns. If a client is determined to use a steroid to gain muscle mass, Jeremy points them to, knowing that the information available on the site will help ensure an informed purchase of anabolic steroids, from a trusted retailer.

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