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Can I Use An Employment Solicitor?

The website provides access (to both employers and employees) to a library containing employment law information serving both sides of the employment divide.

“You also have direct access to a local, experienced and qualified employment law specialist who will support your enquiry and let you know your rights,” informs the spokesperson of MyEmploymentSolicitor.

Employment law has, in the last 10 years, seen extensive and wide-reaching changes that are unprecedented. For those seeking to learn about employee employment rights under the law can, through this website, locate an”>employment solicitor UK

“We have seen the creeping influence of the European parliament format and confuse our own sovereign powers, legislation such as the Human Rights Bill, Working Time Directives and the expansion of the EU, leading to an influx of highly qualified migrant workers,” says the spokesperson.

The rising unemployment, the current financial crisis, the worsening credit crunch, and tougher still the employee/employer negotiations, makes it imperative that the employees are aware of their rights under the law, and so are the employers.

This website can be used to have free initial discussions to decide on the future course of action. There may be many questions in the mind of an employee, such as: What are my employee employment rights? Do I have to work on Sundays? Can I get government assistance for pay if the company I was working for goes out of business? Does an employer have a duty to provide work? Does an employer have a duty to pay wages when there is no work available?

Through MyEmploymentSolicitor it is very easy to find an employment solicitor UK employment law specialist to deal with one’s legal queries.

“All you need to do is to enter your full or partial postcode and our search engine will look through our network panel of solicitors to locate the closest and best possible firm to deal with your employment law legal enquiry,” informs their spokesperson.

As the website informs, it may not be possible to always find a local employment solicitor. They have many large national law firms on their network panel of solicitors, though they would endeavour to locate a local law firm first.

“You can find answers to many such and other questions on our website,” informs their spokesperson.
For employers running their own business and those planning to employ new staff may need to learn about their legal obligations and responsibilities. Through MyEmploymentSolicitor, these employers can arrange a legal audit to assess the legal standing of their company.

In the same way, employees, too, can learn about their obligations and responsibilities and tackle employment law issues through an employment solicitor.

Visit to find out all you wish to about locating an employment solicitor in UK.

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