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So you want to be a game developer, eh? Then find out about this handy guide to the industry before you go shopping for game school.

For this guide on how to get a job making video games, Adams has decided to go with the “listen up, here are the facts” school of writing, rather than following the trend of penning a book filled with too-obvious or vague advice. And if you want to be part of the game industry, then guess what? You should listen up, because here, indeed, are the facts.

Adams doesn’t skimp on information when covering the topic. Instead, he decides that overabundance is a good, good thing. From an overview of the game industry, to a brief history of interactive entertainment, to the careers available in the industry, it’s all here. An alternate subtitle could be, “Everything you wanted to know about gaming work but were too lazy or clueless to ask.”

It seems no topic is too off-track or minor for Adams. He even chucks in some paragraphs about gays and lesbians in the industry, and has a nice section about minorities and non-Western developers. As he does throughout the book, for this section Adams includes some interviews with developers, giving the work a “from the battlefield” feel that makes the advice richer and more relevant.

Also refreshing is the honesty with which interviewees talk about the industry. An owner of an audio and music firm says of the barries that minorities face in the gamer world: “I think that you could ask five different African-Americans in the industry and get five different answers.”

Beyond the stellar coverage of the field, the practical advice is sparkling, and will make many aspiring game developers relieved to have such a commonsense guide. Want to know about employment contracts? Curious about where to study or what classes to take? Want to work in gaming but don’t do development? Adams has all the answers.

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