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Fixd Review

With the inexpensive FIXD OBD II active car health monitor and… … Here is a comprehensive review of this car code reading tool [Read More...]

Can iPhone attract people with positive response?

People will prefer iphone - the latest technology provided promoted with good advantages. Technologial advancement should reach people with maximum awareness.The distinctive features of iphone, Getting maximum advantage, What about the market of iphone? Can iphone promoters get optimum response?

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Jammers Vs Falsifications. 1:0 so far

Recently Ukrainians had to choose a president who will lead them to prosperity and as always some political parties tried to gain more votes in any possible way, even unauthorized one. In addition to ”ordinary” ways of falsification that were used in 2004, improved ways of interfering into voting process took place.

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Safeguard Smartphones in Medical Environments with OtterBox

With help from OtterBox cases, you can keep your smartphone protected and clean, especially during flu season.Fort Collins, COLO. – Did you know the average cell phone has more germs per square inch than a toilet seat? With new features and applications revolutionizing the medical field, handheld devices are more prevalent than ever in doctors’ offices and hospitals—helping professionals track patient records, check emails or look up data on the go. But these fast-paced, germ infested medical environments can spell disaster for you and your device. With help from OtterBox cases, you can keep your smartphone protected and clean, especially during flu season.

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Personalize with Style, OtterBox iPhone Cases Exclusively at AT&T

OtterBox announces custom color Defender Series cases for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS for AT&T.Fort Collins, COLO. — Looking to personalize your iPhone™ with stylish and rugged protection? Available only at AT&T, OtterBox announces two custom color options for the Defender™ Series for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, a black shell with white silicone or pink shell with black silicone—ready to take on all the bumps, drops and scratches of life!

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A Fusion of Features: Cases for iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS

As an avid iPhone™ user, you exemplify the definition of cutting-edge, but the cool façade will quickly fade with a scratched or dented iPhone.

Introducing two new case lines from OtterBox for the Apple® iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS: the Commuter™ and Commuter™ TL Series. Fusing rugged elements from the Defender™ Series line and sleek characteristics from the Impact™ Series, the Commuter and Commuter TL offer the best of both worlds.

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Just listen to me and try to visualize…

This is a review of an innovative new webcam that takes on a different design philosophy to effectively make it easy to bring the camera to your work.How many times have you been frustrated on the phone or a conference call and uttered the words "Just listen to me and try to visualize"... We are all aware of the many technologies and webcams that have been on the market for a number of years now, but the issue with most of them is the lack of convenience. Those of you that bought webcams, probably have the type that sit on top of your PC monitor and if you recently upgraded to a flat panel monitor, it is probably sitting in a drawer because you can't place it atop these skinny monitors. Perhaps you are more up to date than that and have purchased one of the newer laptops that have a webcam built in just above the screen...

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