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NTBackup Drive Verify Messages

Not necessarily, but the drive verify messages that Microsoft NTBackup utility generates after you complete the backup process sometimes indicate that the backup file (.bkf file) is corrupt. When running any server version of Windows, you can see these verify errors in the Application Event Log. It is highly recommended to consider the error messages and take corrective measures as soon as you encounter them or else, the backup file can fail to restore because of corruption. However, to fix the corruption of such corrupted BKF files, there are various BKF Repair tools available.

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How to recover sql 2000 sa password

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is a full-featured relational database management system that offers a variety of administrative tools to ease the burdens of database development, maintenance and administration. It operates in one of two authentication modes: Windows Authentication Mode (the default) or Mixed Mode.

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How to eliminate ‘no text converter’ error while opening PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint is one of the vital applications which comes packed in Microsoft Office suite. Used extensively by teachers, marketing professionals, students, trainers worldwide, this application incorporates a host of highly useful features. The presence of advanced features ensure that you make impressive presentations without putting in much efforts. However, errors in PowerPoint presentations are a big nuisance. Various errors are signals of corruption and can make a presenter feel anxious about the fate of his presentation.

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Ethical IT Outsourcing is a New Wave !!!

As budgetary constraints often play a major part in IT resourcing decisions, the advantages of IT outsourcing become more attractive for business. However what many organisations fail to realise is that wholesale IT outsourcing can have far reaching implications, not just in HR scenarios, but also the sudden and immediate loss of business knowledge and the company system idiosyncrasies that are all too often taken for granted; which once gone, take time to rebuild and re-learn.

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Advanced Emerging Markets Software Industry outlook

Software: Advanced Emerging Markets (Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Taiwan) Industry Guide is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the Software industry in Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, and Taiwan. The report includes easily comparable data on market value, volume, segmentation and market share for the advanced emerging markets software markets, plus full five-year market forecasts. It examines future problems, innovations and potential growth areas within the market. ( )

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Everything You Need to Know About Remote Computer Support

Nowadays, people rely on their computers to do almost everything. They connect with others, keep up on the latest news, search the Web for information, work and even get their education online. So when something goes wrong with this precious machine, it needs to be fixed immediately or a loss of valuable time and money could be at stake.

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How to Recover Deleted Files on Western Digital Hard Disk Drive

Western Digital is the second largest computer hard disk drive manufacturer and provider in the world. The company has a long history in electronic industry providing storage devices and products for thousands of users. Western Digital hard disk drives are often shortened as WD hard disk, WD hard drive, or WDHDD. It has a pretty good word of mouth among its users and reported to bear the largest share in the hard disk drive market.

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Cases For iPhone 4 – Five Major Categories

The most asked smart phone is iPhone 4G and is selling too much from the very first day of its launch. And since the purchasing is growing, makers of mobile phone cases did their superlative to make cellphone cases for iPhone 4 G. The iPhone cases are made from 5 changed stuffs so anyone who want to own may find one according to his requirements.

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Handheld GPS Systems Keep you in the Right Direction

When you are lost and you cannot find your path that is a good idea to have a GPS that tracks the system in your car, you will receive some directions on how to arrive instead you has need to get to. Above the world has a lot of satellites that revolve around the world that communicates continually and provides information about where the vehicle is localized on the earth.

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The Great Cache Hunt

Knock out the cache files that are slowing down your PC.
As regular readers probably know, I'm a big supporter of Firefox. Their browser has proven to be leaner, quicker, and safer for Windows users than every one of their competitors, Microsoft's very own Internet Explorer included. [Read More...]

Twice as Nice?

Are dual-core systems worth the trouble?Dual-core systems are all the rage this year, and with good reason. The new darlings in the PC world (currently, only AMD and Intel offer this option) have two processors, which means that in theory, one processor will run background tasks while the other is free to execute programs such as your Web browser, art program, or newest 3-D game. I say "in theory," however, because it doesn't always work out that way.
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Go the wireless route

Wireless communication with your Windows PC is all the rage these days, and Belkin's router leads the product pack.
Wireless communication with your Windows PC is all the rage these days, and the newly finalized 802.11g standard provides the leading edge upon which a new generation of products will base their wares. Belkin's 802.11g Wireless DSL/Cable Gateway Router model #F5D7230-4, designed for individuals and home offices, is among the best of this new generation of products. [Read More...]

Turbocharge your PC

A few simple tricks can bring your PC up to speed.Windows Advisor hed: Turbocharge your PC dek: a few simple tricks can bring your PC up to speed.
Is your formerly speedy PC moving like a snail? If so, don't upgrade your processor quite yet. More than likely, your hard drive just needs to be defragmented. And if you're new to the world of Windows, you may not even know what fragmentation is or how to deal with it. [Read More...]
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