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The Power To Serve: Custom Kernel Goodness on FreeBSD

For those who are unfamiliar with FreeBSD, it’s a unique system that feels distinctly like the UNIX of old- because it is. Last post, we installed FreeBSD, got connected and installed some software. You might have even gotten a desktop working on your own, because it feels so much like Linux. However, the stock install is a bit RAM hungry [Read More...]

The Power To Serve: Setting Up FreeBSD

Most would agree that IT and Computer geeks have an intense passion for Open Source Software and quality code. Due to this, Linux is a staple in the tech community… But is it the only option? Enter FreeBSD, an Operating System whose roots trace all the way back to the original UNIX. Buckle up, and prepare for an introduction to FreeBSD and [Read More...]

Rotten Apples: The Demise Of A Computer Company

On Monday, June 22, 2020, Apple’s renowned (infamous?) World-Wide Developer Conference took place. As usual, the announcement of new devices took place- along with a shocker that has the potential to kill off software ecosystems and shut down development efforts. Okay, Okay. What The Heck Happened? According to MacWorld and video of the [Read More...]

Waves: The Wonderful World Of Wireless

Sine waves… GASP!!! This is the voodoo magic of the world of wireless technology. Not really, but it is mathematical, and really fascinating and I can’t stop geeking out about it. So why is this so important? As it turns out these basic physics allow WiFi, AM/FM Radio, GPS, CB Radio, Bluetooth, headphones and more to interact with the [Read More...]

ThinkPad T430 Modding: Classic Keyboard

If you had a laptop in the 2000s or earlier, chances are that you’ll remember the ThinkPads of old- the practically indestructible devices, with awesome keyboards and easy to customize. They were (and still are) widely seen as the go-to laptop for productivity due to it’s utilitarian design choices. Fast forward in time, IBM sold the [Read More...]

The Security Scariness of FlatPak

Hey guys, so I was doing some work with RHEL the other day and bumped into FlatPak… And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the potential concerns with the software made me question why my client uses it. If you’ve worked as a Systems Administrator or are familiar with Linux, you have most likely used Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Linux. On these [Read More...]

Retro Computing- Is Old School The Smart Way?

For those who remember their vintage Mac Classic or Commodore 64, they also remember how they were heavily constrained to the likes of 256 kilobytes of RAM. Even in these conditions, programmers still had the ability to engineer the same sorts of software we use today. In this era from the 1970s to the 1980s, we saw several major innovations- the [Read More...]

Rolling Custom Cryptographic Systems: Part 2

For those who haven’t read my original post (located HERE, we will be picking up where we left off in the design and implementation of our very own cryptosystem by implementing a Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator (CSPRNG). What’s The Point Of This? For any of our cryptographic functions to have any use whatsoever, [Read More...]

The Code: A Case for Open Source

Odds are you might have seen this guy around on the internet: This cute little penguin is actually the official mascot of Linux- one of the leading Operating Systems in existence, deployed on approximately 85% of all devices in the world. Due to it’s stability and compatibility, the enterprise world craves Linux and loves it… What [Read More...]

Linux Tales of Woe: Part 2

Due to the sheer enjoyment of writing about enabling support for old Broadcom cards back in the day, it’s time to share another horror story- Another fiendish story of what caused me to leave Fedora Linux, never to return. For the Dante afficionados, let’s enter the proverbial “9 Circles of Dependency Hell”. But I Just [Read More...]

Rolling Custom Cryptographic Systems: Part 1

Cryptography– it’s always the hot debate topic regarding computers, with society trying to perserve it and ensure ciphers are extremely hard to crack, to aid in the preservation of privacy (thus ensuring free speech). Governments often oppose cryptographic ciphers because of their difficulty to crack, making investigations and research [Read More...]

Linux Tales of Woe: Part 1

Once upon a gloomy day, an innocent programmer (innocent? yeah, right…) stared at his Linux terminal in dismay only to find that the wifi card he installed wasn’t supported, and he threw out the old one. This tale of woe documents my actual misadventures with the Linux kernel back in the days of Linux Kernel version 2.6 or so in 2004. [Read More...]

“Python Is The Most Popular”- Or Is It?

I had an encounter with a friend who had an insatiable craving to talk about his newfound love for this cool new thing called Python. When he claimed that it was the “most popular” and “the best” I had a rough time gathering my thoughts to counter this claim. For those interested in this little rant, this is the point I [Read More...]

Create a Mobile Device Policy That Benefits Your Business 

Create a Mobile Device Policy That Benefits Your Business  Do your employees use their personal mobile devices for work? Consider issuing a mobile device policy to ensure the security of your data and system access.   When used correctly, mobile devices can boost your business’s productivity by up to 85%. Business owners and their employees [Read More...]

Cyber Security Best Practices: 8 Experts Chime In

Cyber Security Best Practices: 8 Experts Chime In Small business cybersecurity doesn’t get the attention it needs. It’s important: could your business survive the damage done in an attack? 8 cybersecurity professionals share their best practices for your small business. Earl Foote: Nexus IT – Park City, UT Teach Your Team about Common [Read More...]
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