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Writing a Music Player Using SDL2: Part 1

Time has flown by without a blog post, and it’s about dang time to release a little something new. Over this post-free time, I have learned several things worthy of sharing. For starters, everyone loves music and it’s mission critical for most people to have a music player so they can jam out when working. So let’s make one! Why [Read More...]

Making The “SpookPhone”

So I’ve had lots of privacy scares in the past, with people trying to steal my identity, my banking info and so on. Over the past few years, I’ve grown fed up with this over time and have been looking for ways to hide my own personal information from theft, prevent telemarketing annoyance, and even gain the added benefit of making it [Read More...]

How Cybersecurity Will Evolve in A 5G Connected World

How Cyber Security Will Evolve in A 5G Connected World The past decade has been defined by various trends in the cyber security world. For the first time, the world experienced the first-ever large-scale ransomware attack. In addition, there was a trend of widespread attacks on major IT companies across the world. Some of the biggest online brands [Read More...]

Lock Down Your Laptop With OpenBSD: Part 2

So you’ve got a nice fresh OpenBSD install on your laptop, and you’re excited to use it. However the desktop environment it comes with is absolutely horrifying to use. Following up from the installation of OpenBSD found on This Blog Post, it is time to tweak out OpenBSD to have a nice and custom desktop tailored to your needs. I will [Read More...]

Lock Down Your Laptop With OpenBSD

In today’s hyper-connected world, it grows increasingly important to have all devices that have an internet connection locked down- not for hiding data but to protect from having day-to-day life completely sabotaged. One may have already locked down their accounts and data about them online, but what if they want to “amp it up” [Read More...]

Reverse Engineering A Router Firmware Image

Odds are that if you’re reading this blog, you own one of these: These routers appear like closed-off boxes, with this “firmware” voodoo that you need to download and update it once every few months. However, what if it was possible to take apart a router image and discover how it works? Let’s tear the D-Link DWR-956 [Read More...]


In the early 1940s during World War 2, a world renowned rock-‘n-roll guitarist named Woody Guthrie mustered up the courage to paint a slogan on his guitar, that would forever change the way we view the world and influence many people’s views on the subject of free speech. After the publishing of one of his wartime songs, Guthrie [Read More...]

Seekers- The Art of Finding Information

What is true online? How can you find useful information online? How can you verify the truth of something online? How can you learn more about current events, people or organizations and only get the statistical numbers? These are legitimate questions, and with the dawn of the “fake news” misnomer, it’s increasingly important to [Read More...]

Privacy For The Practical

Ever since the revelations of Edward Snowden and learning about the fact that the United States Government implements and utilizes commercial-grade equipment to spy on society, there’s been an ongoing battle for personal privacy. Most don’t do this because they have things to hide, but because they have important things to protect, [Read More...]

Designing Custom Cryptographic Systems: Part 3

This post has been long in coming. For those who haven’t read the previous posts in this series, below are links to bring you up to speed. In Part 1, we covered the basic mathematical information and technical information required to understand and begin to implement your own cryptography. Part 1: HERE In Part 2, we set up a [Read More...]

Understanding Computer Architecture

I was reading old blog posts and realized I didn’t touch on a CRITICAL piece of the puzzle to understanding computing… How your device actually works. This post aims to remediate this and provide a “one-stop” guide from understanding the low-level circuitry to how that allows people to program on their devices. No computers [Read More...]

The Power To Serve: Custom Kernel Goodness on FreeBSD

For those who are unfamiliar with FreeBSD, it’s a unique system that feels distinctly like the UNIX of old- because it is. Last post, we installed FreeBSD, got connected and installed some software. You might have even gotten a desktop working on your own, because it feels so much like Linux. However, the stock install is a bit RAM hungry [Read More...]

The Power To Serve: Setting Up FreeBSD

Most would agree that IT and Computer geeks have an intense passion for Open Source Software and quality code. Due to this, Linux is a staple in the tech community… But is it the only option? Enter FreeBSD, an Operating System whose roots trace all the way back to the original UNIX. Buckle up, and prepare for an introduction to FreeBSD and [Read More...]

Rotten Apples: The Demise Of A Computer Company

On Monday, June 22, 2020, Apple’s renowned (infamous?) World-Wide Developer Conference took place. As usual, the announcement of new devices took place- along with a shocker that has the potential to kill off software ecosystems and shut down development efforts. Okay, Okay. What The Heck Happened? According to MacWorld and video of the [Read More...]

Waves: The Wonderful World Of Wireless

Sine waves… GASP!!! This is the voodoo magic of the world of wireless technology. Not really, but it is mathematical, and really fascinating and I can’t stop geeking out about it. So why is this so important? As it turns out these basic physics allow WiFi, AM/FM Radio, GPS, CB Radio, Bluetooth, headphones and more to interact with the [Read More...]
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