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Mentor Course Review: Learn Online And Be Informed

No matter who you are or what you do, social media definitely takes precedence in your life. We live in an era where our lives are highly dependent on the unabated flow of data through the internet. While this unprecedented dominance of the internet may seem threatening, it has created numerous possibilities for those with the entrepreneurial [Read More...]

Facebook’s Messenger Exposes Kids to Stranger Danger 

Facebook’s Messenger Exposes Kids to Stranger Danger  Facebook Messenger Places Children at Risk  Facebook has improved the way we communicate and connect to friends and family. However, security issues with Facebook Messenger Kids may place children at risk.   Whenever new technology emerges, there’s always a battle between [Read More...]

Introduction to Java EE for Beginners…….

Java is incredibly popular, and for good reason. The programming language is easy to learn and is often a university’s first choice for the code it teaches its students. On the other side of it, Java is supported by multiple tech enterprises, most notably by Oracle, Google, and IBM. As a result of these two pillars of support, Java is currently [Read More...]

Character Education A Victim of Recession

A character educator or a counselor often plays a very important and vital role in the academic, social and personal success of young school going children. But now, as global recession has reached its peak, the elimination of their position all together has become the norm. Most of the school counselors’ role has been phased out with budgets slashed and the dollars available has become tight. It is the students who are paying the price for the shortfalls in budget as a counselor’s support has been denied to them.

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Character Education How can it be incorporated in Classrooms

Before we discuss how character education can be incorporated into classrooms, we need to know what Character education is. Character education is a part of special education which is conducted in schools where it focuses on the role of teachers to develop moral and ethical values in their students. Character education programs have gained much popularity across many schools in US, maybe due to an increase in school violence. To instill character development in schools, teachers should be properly trained.

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Create a Wonderful Schedule for Back to School Day

Back to School Day is always an exciting time for all students, parents and teachers. It’s a period to summarize the past and look forward to a better term. As the most important and positive role models for students, parents and teachers need to make a comprehensive thorough preparation to arrange a special beginning for students. Here you will find some useful ideas to help you to create a satisfying schedule for Back to School Day.

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Speed Reading Software Reviews On Unbiased And Accurate Expert Opinions

A very popular publishing platform and online community, (copy and paste the link into your browser for full reviews) is a powerful tool to share your ideas and thoughts on speed reading software, or any other interest you may have! helps users to connect with new readers and friends and gain updated information on not only speed reading software reviews but a huge rage of subjects.  In this squidoo lens William Davis a speed reading coach from Australia reviews his favourite speed reading software programs.

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Five Ways for Teachers to Make Good Elearning Communications

With the fast development of online elearning, over 65 percent of education organizations use LMS (Learning Management System) for education and more than 83.8 million registered elearning users are received online education courses as of 2010. It has become a sensitive as well as import topic for teachers to gather their teaching resources and impart knowledge to students with elearning tools, indicating better elearning communications.

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Educating Investors - INVESTOR AWARENESS

Investors - what you should know in investing in India
Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the selling of securities to the public in the primary market. It is the largest source of funds with long or indefinite maturity for the company.

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