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Apple and Amazon Tighten Security After Password and Security Breach

Apple and Amazon have both been hacked recently, showing that there is a constant need for online security to all systems, be they big, international corporations or just your own personal information at home. It all began with a hack into a Gizmodo writer’s Amazon and Apple accounts over one weekend, wiping out everything on his iCloud, Mac, iPhone and iPad and also hit his Gmail and Twitter account. These attacks are not uncommon and can happen to anyone. A talented hacker can successfully hack into an account that does not follow all the necessary security protocols. However, big companies also have security loopholes that smart hackers can find their way through.

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Are you familiar with video sites not named YouTube?

There are lots of search engines like Google, which primarily provide search results for videos, films and TV series from the industry standard, YouTube. However, quality is oftentimes sacrificed for quantity. How then, can you find hidden gems to enjoy on your PC, xbox, PS3, cell phone, etc.?

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Benefits of Solar Energy

Utilizing solar energy or the power coming from the sun's rays has many benefits. Let us take a closer look on each of them. Solar energy saves money. In recent years, we have seen the highest jump on residential electric rate. In some areas of the country, as much as 60% increase was seen. Many experts agree that the trend will likely to [Read More...]

The Perfect Interview Guide for Any Company

Just imagine, one interview guide that tells you exactly what to say, how to say it and how to act regardless of the company you are interviewing with. Well there are just two big barriers keeping that from happening but fortunately there is a solution to the problem.

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Bad Credit and Not Getting Hired

That's a catch 22! Your credit is bad because you either can't get a job or you are under-employed. But you can't get a job because your credit is bad. Hey I get it, been there, done that. But what really happens during the interview process? Well it is perfectly legal for an employer to check your credit but its not the same as when you are applying for a mortgage loan or getting a new credit card.

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Hidden Jobs: Find out where they are.

So, why would anyone want to "hide" open jobs? They wouldn't of course (well there are a few reasons but those are the exception not the rule). It's just that the media exposes you to certain jobs and certain methods of getting those jobs.

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New Contact Button for Blogs that Hides Email & Shares Social Profiles Released by WikiWorldBook

San Francisco, CA, November 27, 2009 --( Do you need a free Contact Button for your blog, so that spammers can’t harvest your email address? Do you also want to share all your VOIP, IM and social media profiles with your visitors? WikiWorldBook's new Contact Button enables bloggers to both hide their email address and share all their social media profiles in one discreet but noticeable contact widget. The Button extends WikiWorldBook's range of online identity and… [Read More...]

The Truth about Human Resources.

Well a wise man once said that to be successful at anything, just find out what everyone else is doing and do just the opposite. Unfortunately most people think that Human Resources actually does the hiring in a company. The fact is that the vast majority of time Human Resources just does the facilitating. They don't make the final decision on a hire and they don't make the final decision on a fire. So they really are the first of many Gatekeepers.

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New Media Company Has the Potential to Crush Competition

Every day, videos go viral, and make tons of money for the company hosting the video, and absolutely nothing for the people creating them. Most people haven't even realized the potential to earn money off of their videos. It's still a new concept. And, unfortunately, a lot of the ones that have realized it fall short of the requirements necessary to participate in these programs. For the ones that do, many times they've already missed out on the 15 minutes of fame that they may have capitalized on. [Read More...]
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