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Desktop Optimization

Best Practices for Desktop Optimization

Desktop deployment, management and support are dramatically simplified with virtualization, automation and centralized administration. Frank Johnson delves more to find out how desktop optimization is redefining the very way people work In an era where the significance of flexible and cost effective business operations is increasing everyday, technology has to be used in the optimum way to achieve maximum efficiency. Imagine the benefits that you reap in the following scenarios:

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IT Security Awareness and Training in a Corporate Organization

The organizations today work in highly networked environments and the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information can only be protected if all employees have the basic knowledge of management, operational and technical controls required to protect the IT resources of their organization. Frank Johnson explains the strategies for [Read More...]

Tips on Building Successful Mobile Applications

With the widespread popularity of Androids and iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, the concept of mobile browsing too has gathered quite a momentum. People all around the world use their Smart Phones to browse the Internet and do a host of other stuff that was earlier possible only on a desktop interface. Companies developing mobile applications and using them to replace native applications for mobile phones are rolling in huge profits. If you are in the mobile application development business, Frank Johnson gives you some handy tips on building successful mobile applications.

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Guide to Social Media

Social media has become a significant part of personal and professional life. Full fledged blogging platforms as also the micro blogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are used by businesses for marketing and advertising. With multifarious options in the social media world, it may sometimes become difficult for businesses to choose suitable strategies for successful marketing and advertising. Frank Johnson delves deeper into the different aspects of social media for businesses and presents a guide to social networking etiquette and tactics.

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Top Tips for Using Microsoft Word

If you thought MS Word was just a plain old program for creating documents, Frank Johnson gives you interesting ideas that will change the way you use this humble program. Microsoft Word is perhaps one of the most used programs in the MS Office suite. Right from young students who want to write essays for their school projects to professional bloggers and writers who pen down thousands of pages of content, this program comes very handy for a variety of writing, editing and comparing purposes.

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Business Safety through IT Systems and Customer Information

The safety of a business relies on several factors. But most importantly, safe IT systems and customer information can either make or break a business. Frank Johnson discusses these two aspects in details to evaluate how they are integral to business safe Every business aspires to reach great heights. But only a few can survive the rat race and [Read More...]

Benefits of Project Management

Project Management marks a departure from the old school of doing business. It comprises all the elements that truly define a symbiotic relationship between a manager, a client and a worker. But what essential benefits does it bring to the organization? Frank Johnson find out.

A successful project banks heavily on an integrated process of:

• Project creation

• Fool proof planning

• Meticulous execution

• Effective supervising and control

• Timely completion and closure

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Project Management

Project Management is the art and science of organizing and regulating the different elements of a project. For a business, this could be the development of a new product, the launch of a new service or a marketing campaign. Frank Johnson describes the nine important processes of Project Management. Projects are undertaken at different levels in [Read More...]

Does Your Business Need Unified Communications?

There is no doubting the fact that software innovation has transformed modern workplaces and empowered workers who deal with information to operate with accelerated speed, effectiveness and intelligence. However, multilevel communication with colleagues and clients still remains a challenge. Frank Johnson peers at the complexities and evaluates how a unified communication system can help to streamline the communication process.

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Unified Communications

Business communications often fail to keep pace with the demand for real-time communications to address several critical business needs. Unified Communications can offer new flexibility and manageability across multimodal applications to deliver better levels of connectivity between distributed workforce. Frank Johnson explains the concept of [Read More...]

Developing an IT Training Plan in an Organization

The main aim of any IT training in an organization is to identify what skill or skill sets does the company want its personnel to learn. Frank Johnson unearths the factors that determine the IT training strategy and detailed plan of action with regards to imparting training tailored to address a company’s need for IT security.

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Move from PBX to VoIP

Companies can reduce IT costs by getting voice and data delivered on the same line through VoIP. While the PBX system is just a phone, VoIP based technology works with the data network, coordinating devices and helping workers on the move to access data and communicate from anywhere. Frank Johnson discusses all the point that you need to take care of, before you make the move.

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Get Complete IT Security and Control with Desktop Optimization

Now you can deploy, manage, protect and monitor secure desktop environments and make them available to users locally or remotely, independent of a network connection from any desktop, laptop or tablet PC. Frank Johnson explores desktop optimization and its benefits The need for secure and well-managed desktop environments With work environments [Read More...]
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