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Organizing Your Files

The number of files stored on your computer keeps increasing every day and it often seems to be a daunting task to arrange and synchronize them properly on the system. However, the virtually unlimited space on a computer can be used to store and maintain important files. Frank Johnson gives some useful tips on the organization of files.

It can be very difficult and time consuming to find information on an unorganized computer and any computer cluttered with unnecessary files and spam or irrelevant email messages also becomes sluggish. For all those who have not organized their computer of late and it runs slower than expectations, here are a few important things that should be taken care of:

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Your kids and the Internet

For kids, Internet can be a boon as well as a bane. Frank Johnson evaluates the various dangers that the Internet possesses for a young child and highlights how Internet safety should be given prime importance in today’s tech savvy age.

The Internet can indeed be wonderfully rich resources for your kids. Kids can seek help from the Internet to gain knowledge about a wide variety of topics, prepare academic reports and presentations, interact with their classmates and teachers and play exciting online games. However, this extremely rich platform can also turn out to be a dangerous place in case proper safety precautions and checks are not maintained.

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Securing Your Wireless Router and Bluetooth

Wi-fi, wireless networks and Bluetooth technologies are used by several organizations today. Computer users interested in convenience and mobility prefer to access the Internet and transfer data between devices wirelessly. However, to prevent unauthorized access by others in such a network, it is important for business organizations to secure [Read More...]

Ten Free Must Have Apps For Mac Desktop Users

The Mac App Store keeps bringing fantastic new releases everyday but the most useful apps that steal the show have been there for sometime now. Some of the most brilliant applications for Mac may not be very new but they are worth mentioning to both new and experienced users of Mac OS. Frank Johnson has prepared a list of ten such apps.

Some of these applications for Mac can also help new users get off the ground and get running with OS X. These user friendly apps are must haves for all.

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Secure Your Mobile Device

The Smartphone is the new computer. You can browse the web, check emails and stay connected with the rest of the world, on the go. But this paradigm shift has made the phone more vulnerable to malicious attacks and security threats. Is your mobile device secure? Frank Johnson finds out.
The Smartphone has indeed given us the freedom to stay connected with the rest of the world at al given times. From storing contacts and personal information to downloading applications and games and from finding recipes to transferring money – there are very few things that this magic gadget does not allow us to do.

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Security Issues for Mobile Devices

From digital games to social networking and E mails to banking, the smart mobiles and personal digital assistants (PDAs) that we use today are capable of performing a large number of tasks. But this modern day gizmo is also vulnerable to a lot of security threats and technical issues. Frank Johnson discusses the security issues for mobile devices and some simple solutions to address them efficaciously.

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Tips to Speed-Up Your PC/Mac

Wondering why your new PC or Mac is beginning to lose steam? The reasons might be several including a highly fragmented hard drive, numerous programs running simultaneously in the background or a detrimental malware. Frank Johnson whisks a few easy-to-do tips to speed up your PC or Mac.

Clean up your start up items: It is painful to wait for minutes after hitting the power button of your machine before actually getting to start your work. From a few seconds to over 2 minutes, the waiting time can be really frustrating. The reason why your PC or Mac boots up so painstakingly is because there are a host of programs that are getting activated at the same time. Most of these programs will launch themselves automatically on start up. Thankfully, this delay can be tackled.

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Linux Insider: Comparison with Windows

In the previous article we got an insight into Linux and the pros and cons of using it. In this article Frank Johnson makes a thorough comparison between Windows and Linux along with delving into the advantages and disadvantages of Linux in details.

When it comes to choosing between Windows and Linux, most of us would prefer to go with the known demon – Windows – than spend time in exploring Linux, which is fairly new and has still not been adopted in most parts of the world as good old Windows. However, before making any judgements, we must take a look at the features that this relatively new OS may have over Windows that has undoubtedly ruled the computer world over decades and see if we do have a better choice worth considering.

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Linux Insider ? Applications, Advantages and Drawbacks of Linux OS

Linux operating system became a popular alternative to the operating systems from Microsoft Corporation that are generally installed on new personal computers. Linux is probably the best known example of ‘open-source’ software and its source code is freely available on the Internet. Frank Johnson delves further into the details of this system, its advantages and drawbacks.

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Energy Efficient IT Infrastructure

An energy efficient IT policy can optimize an organization’s performance by helping it cut down on its electrical consumption, diminish its need for facilities and lessen its capital expenditure on server, storage and other such IT devices.Frank Johnson further delves into the concept of ‘going green’ to see how organizations are making the best of it.

In the previous article we learnt about the severe IT power crisis and the need for server virtualization. Let us now look at what goes into making an energy efficient IT infrastructure.

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Energy Efficient IT Systems ? Server Virtualization

The goal may be to reduce cost, save the environment or keep the data center running, but excessive energy consumption has become a critical issue for most of the organizations using IT systems. Frank Johnson discusses the need for energy efficiency and the server virtualization technique to reduce power cost and increase resource utilization.

The IT Power Crises:The consumption of power is a critical issue in the domain of IT organizations. Computing equipment has become increasingly dense and energy costs are on the rise. Many datacenters even lack adequate electrical power or space that IT services require. Industry analysts estimate that annual costs of powering a server may soon exceed its acquisition cost.

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Managed Services: Identifying Benefits and Avoiding Risks

The new outcome-based technology outsourcing service model known as Managed Services indeed supports Information technology’s newly acquired role as a business growth enabler. But how are companies coping up with this new paradigm shift of IT outsourcing? Frank Johnson finds out. Managed services may be hailed as the best model for [Read More...]

Managed Services: Importance and Types of Services That May Be Outsourced

Managed Services may be defined as running a set of services for a client on agreed outcome, measured as Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators for a fixed price. Frank Johnson elucidates the concept further and explains the different types of IT based managed services.

A vendor offering managed services may deliver and manage network-based services, applications and equipment to enterprises or other service providers. Managed service providers may be hosting companies or access providers.

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Business Security ? Risk Management and Tools to Counter IT Threats

Business organizations need to be very alert and vigilant to maintain the confidentiality of their data and work details. The impact of security breach can be far greater than a business can expect. Loss of sensitive information may not only affect competitiveness or cash flow but can eventually damage business reputation. Frank Johnson delves deeper into the different aspects of Business Security.

Business organizations increasingly rely on IT Support for their operations and this makes them vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses and in some cases even from their own staff. There can be intentional or erroneous actions that lead to loss of data or corruption of files. Having the correct information at the right time is crucial to decision making and this in turn makes the difference between the success and failure of a business.

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Setting Up a Wildcard SSL on cPanel/WHM

A wildcard certificate means all of your sub-domains will resolve to the same location, regardless of the non-SSL Document-Root specification. A user will need to purchase a wildcard SSL from a vendor or a reseller that supplies them. Similar to having multiple certificates installed on a server, each sub-domain containing the certificate needs [Read More...]
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