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Do You WANt to Increase Your Network’s Efficiency?

Wide Area Networks (WANs) have linked computer systems, devices and users for more than 40 years, enabling people to access and share files, e-mail and run applications.  As WAN hardware and software technologies have improved, so has the speed at which the systems communicate and operate.WAN optimization solutions seek to accelerate a broad range of applications accessed by distributed network users by eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches, compressing and prioritizing data and streamlining chatty protocols.  The solutions are implemented on the network in the form of an appliance that classifies network traffic to help data flow more freely, thus speeding up operations.  What does this mean to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?

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How to protect your Data against Disaster.

When it comes to backing up, people are often tempted to go for the cheapest option (it won't happen to me anyway, right?), but don't fall into that trap.
Chances are that your computer contains a mass of valuable data. From irreplaceable family photographs to critical business documents, most computers contain data that their owners wouldn't want to lose.

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VPN Encryption Are You Using the Right Key?

SSL VPNs keep data secure and reduce support headaches.
Demand for mobile and remote access to business networks has increased dramatically.  Even the most basic virtual private network (VPN) technologies are so accessible and affordable that there is no good reason for failing to utilize them.  That said, the real question for businesses is which type of VPN to implement:  Standard IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) or secure-sockets layer (SSL)?

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What will be a perfect password?

Myth: if it is encrypted, it is secure. Truth: if it is not encrypted, it is not secure. Before creating a password you should know:(1)NO password is uncrackable.The best you can do is making it difficult and non-trivial to determine your password. What's the worst password? The one you've forgotten. Password recovery is the most difficult [Read More...]

Ways to optimize your website

The significance of having an online presence these days should not be undervalued. Having a website not only helps a business to grow, but lets it thrive in a competitive global market place. The strategic importance of a website can be seen from the fact that at the moment there are over two billion websites on the internet, with this number growing literally every minute.

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Disaster Recovery Planning: Your Companys Business Insurance

Though often overlooked by SMBs, implementing a DR plan is absolutely critical. Should a natural or man-made disaster render an organization’s data inaccessible, it is likely the business will have to close its doors for good. According to Gartner, two out of five businesses that experience a disaster go out of business within five years.

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Select the Right Network Technology with Proven Best Practices

Regardless of an IT organization's size, there is usually some type of network planning activity that determines the technology mix and the services provided. However, unless those personnel responsible for technology evaluation and selection use best practices to make their choices, considerable amounts of time and money can be wasted. [Read More...]

Business Technology Support/Technology Advisors

Buckeye Business Solutions is a tech support business that is proud to provide IT problem solving, networking services, hardware installation, software implementation, technology consulting and email assistance to businesses throughout Southwest Ohio.

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